Business Law

  • This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge of some of the vital legal concepts that affect commerce and trade, after first gaining some familiarity with how laws are created and interpreted. Students will then be introduced to the types of businesses that can be created to engage in commerce as well as the contractual and liability considerations that can impact a business. Laws that affect how a business is regulated will also be reviewed, particularly the impact of administrative rules and regulations on a business. Global commerce and international agreements, treaties, organizations, and courts that can affect business will be discussed to get a better sense of what it means to “go global” with a business.
  • Consumer and environmental protections will be explained as well as bankruptcy options, should a business go insolvent. Lastly, no business exists without experiencing some kind of dispute or another, and so we will review the options that exist for dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution to provide a better understanding of how best to deal with such matters.

Major concepts:

  • Role of Law and Its Impact on Business
  • Corporations
  • Legal Considerations in Business Law
  • Regulating a Business
  • Introduction to Administrative Law
  • Global Commerce
  • International Trade, GATT and the WTO
  • Protections and Resolutions
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Career Opportunities in Business Law
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1Full TimeCourse Fee$ 200To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
2FlexCourse Fee$ 400To be paid by the student at the time of Registration. Student can select one more semester duration course free of cost.
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Grade Level

  Grade 9-12







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