Mathematics - 4


In Math Grade 4, students will multiply and divide multi-digit whole numbers using different strategies and a standard algorithm. The course provides the opportunity for students to see the relationship between fractions and decimals and introduces addition and subtraction of each. Using a protractor to draw and measure angles is another focus of the course. Other engaging activities include learning about measurement and using median, mode, and range as ways to interpret data.


Segment One:

  • using place value patterns
  • reading and writing whole numbers in different ways
  • plotting, ordering, and comparing multi-digit whole numbers
  • rounding multi-digit whole numbers
  • adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers
  • factors and multiples
  • determining prime and composite numbers
  • multiplying multi-digit numbers using strategies and a standard algorithm
  • dividing by a one-digit number
  • using number patterns
  • understanding equations and variables
  • understanding perimeter and area relationships
  • finding median, mode, and range of whole numbers
  • stem-and-leaf plots of whole numbers
  • line plots with whole numbers

Segment Two:

  • understanding mixed numbers
  • finding equivalent fractions and mixed numbers using different strategies
  • adding fractions and mixed numbers
  • subtracting fractions and mixed numbers
  • multiplying a fraction by a whole number
  • understanding fraction and decimal relationships
  • working with decimals to the hundredths place
  • finding median, mode, and range of fractions and decimals
  • stem-and-leaf plots with fractions and decimals
  • line plots with fractions and decimals
  • measuring units of measure in the metric and customary system
  • converting units of measure in the metric and customary system
  • measuring and drawing angles

Grade Level

Grade 4




Students will need the following materials: printer, cell phone or scanner, notebook, pencils, erasers, scissors, crayons, glue, tape, ruler, printer paper, colored-paper, and household objects for math activities.



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