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Our high school graduates have secured admissions in top universities across the world!

International Schooling alumni are making impactful contributions around the world in diverse disciplines. Not only have they been performing exceptionally well in conventional fields such as medicine, engineering, administration and business, but indeed many of them have become entrepreneurs, space scientists, sportspersons, artists, filmmakers, content creators, social-media influencers and so much more. As International Schooling follows the philosophy of ‘Changing Lives for the Best’, so have we done for each of our learners and they continue to follow that philosophy in their daily lives even when they aren’t active learners in our school anymore. 

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It is highly possible that one may meet an International Schooling Alumni building an AI enabled learning platform in Latin America, creating community-based learning apps in Silicon Valley, working as a software designer in one of the Social Media giants in US, studying Performing Arts at an IVY League College or working with United Nations as volunteers and change-drivers, because all of this is actually happening in the lives of our alumni. 

Every year, we receive verification requests from world’s leading colleges and universities that require us to validate the transcripts and diplomas of our graduates who have applied to those institutions and secured their admissions in the most sought after courses/programs. Besides building advocacy and ambassadorship for International Schooling, the greatest takeaway for us as a school is the pride and confidence that they make us feel in their abilities, instilling in us the belief that what we have set out to accomplish as a school, is heading in the right direction.

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