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Welcome To International Schooling the Best International Online School!

Good schooling is the basic right of every student. Quality education is the core aspect of the growth and development of a student and his future. An International online school definitely ensures vivid, flexible and relevant learning. It also ensures that the students are provided with an appropriate learning environment of their own choice.

This learning environment can be virtually anywhere the student desires and should be available at anytime the student needs.

If you are on a lookout for the best online high school diploma programs at your doorsteps, International Schooling, is here for you. Accredited by Cognia, the largest community of educational professionals in the world, the virtual door of the best International online school is open for every avid learner. Opting for International Schooling for your child’s high school education is the best course of action for his/her growth and development.

A student can take admission in International Schooling online school to pave upon the path of success. As one of the best online high schools, International Schooling provides the option to its students; to choose the grades and programs they wish to study. They are required to complete program credits online, take the corresponding examination and complete the school qualification.

After completing the school qualification, a student achieves the liberty to pursue further education and career of his/her choice. To ensure that a student gets what he/she wants and in fact, what he/she deserves, it is made sure that each process is flexible and customized according to the needs of the student. At International Schooling, we understand that every student has his/her own unique learning needs and that is why our customized high school programs are suitable for each one of them. Being a student in an online high school is similar to having your own personal school that works according to your time and comfort. There are many online high school programs available for your child. However, International Schooling takes pride in being one of the best online high schools and promises to deliver quality education to your little ones.


What is International Schooling?

International Schooling is a schooling platform that provides opportunity to aspiring students around the world, to complete their schooling at their own convenience.

It is a platform that also integrates students, teachers and parents under a single umbrella of a digital school. International Schooling program aims to empower every child to pursue and complete formal school education and develop his/her learning and knowledge of the larger world.

What we do?

We are a globally competitive ‘Schooling’ platform. Whether you are considering homeschooling in Malaysia, homeschooling in Hong Kong, homeschooling in China or homeschooling anywhere in the world.

The entire process of homeschooling with International Schooling can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide information and counseling to school students regarding International Schooling and its programs
  • Complete registration of interested students and provide them study material and content
  • Guide the students towards completion of program work
  • Conduct examinations and award certificates of graduation
Collaboration with IS

International Schooling offers “Certification Partnership” to reputed and promising 6-12 grade schools, colleges, education-providing agencies, vocational training centers, special courses centers and various other educational institutions. 

Our purpose includes focusing on the significance of association amongst the various stakeholders involved with the institution to ensure their contribution in achieving and by collectively reviewing and revising the school purpose and direction of providing the best possible learning and teaching experience.

Our Process

We have a smooth and streamlined registration process to get you started with having the best possible education meeting the global standards at your convenience.



To Register in one of our programs, the student or the parent is required to register. Don't forget to mention your correct email id in the form.

Select your Program

Select Your Program

We provide International Schooling programs for 6 to 12. We are just like any other school, except that you can study and complete your program in a more flexible environment. Please select your grade/class of study and proceed further.

Pay your Fee

Pay your Fee

Kindly proceed to pay your fee and complete your registration.

Study your selected program

Study Your Selected Program

After the completion of your registration process, you will receive access to our program content and tutorials. You will also get access to discussions, forums and doubt-clearing sessions with other students registered with us in the same grade/class as yours. A dedicated and experienced team of teachers and mentors will guide you throughout the duration of your program.

Take your examination

Take your examination

Upon successful completion of your program content, tutorials, periodic tests and assignments you will be eligible and prepared to take our final examination.

Get your Certificate

Get your Certificate

Upon successful qualification of the examination, you will receive a certificate clearly mentioning your details of completion of program. You can also print/download your certificate online.

Student/Parent's Testimonials

Creating Vibrant Smiles For Healthy Lifestyles!

Course Catalog

We offer a diverse variety of courses equipped with evident and engaging study material to ensure a rewarding learning experience.

Our Blogs

Our regular blog posts keep you updated on the latest trends and ideas in education and much more about digital schooling.


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