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The learning needs of every student are different. So is the learning pace of every student. Some students catch certain fundamentals and topics better and faster than others. However, students who learn slower than others may also understand or perform better than their fast learning peers. International Schooling understands ways of helping slow learners and allows a student to learn and assimilate at his/her pace. There is complete freedom to delve deep into a concept or topic and understand the finer details.

Some of the most renowned scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs are known to be slow learners during their early years. With best homeschools like International Schooling, learning is all about individual freedom and convenience. The deadlines are flexible and the timelines are fluid. Some fundamentals are responsible for being the stepping stones for other fundamentals. If the learning is hastened, the entire chain of knowledge is disrupted. International Schooling is one of the best homeschools for slow learners as it enables experiential and concrete learning, which may or may not be present in regular schooling and classrooms.

A number of students get demotivated by mundane and strict teaching structures and eventually end up losing interest in studies. Parents can also do little to help their children in this regard. Sending slow learners to ‘Special Needs’ schools may or may not be a viable solution. The slow learning of a child may not necessarily mean hindered intelligence.

Devising a flexible learning curriculum was a challenge for us. However, the solution to slow learning demanded that we as one of the best homeschools for slow learners take this challenge head on.

Over the years of research, we have been able to build a study-system that adapts itself to the learning needs of the child and not vice versa. A system that helps a child to generate interest in learning is no mean achievement. Books, lectures and tutorials are aided with visuals and graphics that supplement slow learning. We are still very new to this endeavor and would like to hear from parents and children alike

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