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At International Schooling, students don’t have to follow the curriculum, rather the curriculum follows the child. There are no boundaries with online schooling, and we are proud to deliver flexible schooling at your time and your location. We are a school you can be confident with, because we will build a future for you in your respective sport without the need to worry about your academics.This philosophy is the need of the hour as we live in a world where academics has been made the basis of deciding a child’s future. This thought has been engraved into the society to the extent that students now fail to enjoy the art of learning, but have rather become a part of the mad rat race and study to earn a place for themselves. One can only imagine how it is for the students who are athletes and struggle with the thought of scoring well in academics whilst also hoping to make it good in life with sports.

At International Schooling we understand this struggle and that being a student-athlete can be a tough journey with long hours of training, constant travel, and competitions which leaves one exhausted both mentally and physically. On top of that, the traditional education system can be rigid, leaving little room for one to pursue her/his passion for sports.

As a school of global educators, at International Schooling, we believe that your education should not come at the cost of your dreams. Imagine if you had a flexible schooling system that allowed you to balance your academics with your sports training. Imagine the flexibility of deciding when and where to have your classes, without the second thought of compromising on your training schedule. This seems like an ideal school, but the good thing is the fact that thousands of future sport stars are already studying with us, enjoying the added advantage of scholarships. We are a school that prepares its students for tomorrow and are confident that the future global sport stars are enjoying International Schooling’s flexibility today. It took us years to build trust amongst parents and students that we understand that their passion for sports is as important as their education. We feel proud for letting thousands of students in achieving both of them, which seemed impossible to them at a point in time.

Whether you’re into basketball, football, baseball, swimming, or any other sport, we welcome you with open arms. We understand that every sport requires a different kind of dedication and commitment. That’s why our team of dedicated teachers work closely with you to create a personalized academic plan that suits your needs. We believe that every student-athlete has unique talents and strengths, and we’re here to help you develop them.


Many students have to drop out of schools, often in the middle of the year because traditional schooling systems are not flexible enough to cater the customized needs of student athletes. In this case, students are left distraught and cannot focus on either sports or academics. But with International Schooling, we are breaking all those barriers and thousands of students have now balanced both these aspects altogether. We are proud to have basketball players, football players, gymnasts, horse jump show players and other diverse sports representing their countries on international level and making them proud.

At International Schooling, we’re committed to helping you become future sports stars. We offer special tuition fees and scholarships for student-athletes like you, so you can focus on your training without worrying about the financial burden of education. Since our curriculum is also approved by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), it is an added advantage for all those students eyeing to get into top universities across the United States of America.With International Schooling, you will earn the highest possible schooling transcripts, so you can get into the best universities of your choice. We believe that you have the potential to achieve greatness, and we want to help you get there.

Join us at International Schooling and be a part of a community that understands your passion for sports and your dedication to your education. We’re here to help you make your dreams a reality. Our team of teachers are not just here to educate you but also to inspire you. We want to create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and passion and believe that every student-athlete has a unique story, and we want to help you tell yours.

At International Schooling, we don’t just teach you, we empower you. Make sure to attend your training sessions with dedication, and we promise to take care of your academics. Balancing sports and academics will never be a hassle anymore!

Join us at International Schooling, and let’s make your dreams come true. Together, we can transform you to the most optimal version of yourself!

Scholarship for Student Athletes:

State Level 10% waived off on the total fee in case of One-Time Payment
National Level – 15% waived off on the total fee in case of One-Time Payment
International Level – 20% waived off on the total fee in case of One-Time Payment

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