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We are now open for Mexican students!

If you are searching for an online school to study from the comfort of your home, you are at the right place for online schooling in Mexico. Enroll with International Schooling to complete any grade from K to 12 under our American School Program. Elementary, Middle or High School, Credit Recovery, Advanced Placement, whatever option you may be looking for, we have a solution for you. It is the best opportunity for homeschooling in Mexico – Enroll Now! in the most flexible, affordable and student-friendly American Online School. 

With International Schooling, you can be sure that you are studying in the best online school, which is accredited by Cognia and provides flexible online schooling options for students around the world. As we are doing in other countries, this is the opportunity for all Mexican students including Gifted and High Achievers, Differently-abled, Homeschoolers, Expats/frequent travelers, exceptional performers, sportspersons and all other people who are looking for any online accredited school options. If you dream of it, International Schooling can make it possible for you. Your search for a proven, established, accepted and student-centric opportunity for online homeschooling in Mexico is over. A lot of our students in High School tell us “When you can complete your online High School Diploma through the best online High School and with all the benefits of online High School, then why even look further?” For younger grades, parents of happy students generally say “Our child is so happy to be with International Schooling and now we know why online High School is better.”

We strive to deliver the best online school education with all convenience and benefits of online school with regular teaching support, counseling support and 24/7 support in all time zones. And all this while we are known for our online school fee being one of the most competitive and affordable.

We cater to students (and parents) looking for an American School or an International School, no matter what their career goals are.

So how should you proceed?

Well, it is a very simple and friendly process for online schooling in Mexico. Just click here to get in touch with one of our counselors and she will advise you on the process. She would also speak to you to understand your learning requirements before she suggests a customized learning option. Yes, all our students get individualized and customized learning options so that they achieve the best results with us.

She would also provide you detailed information on the most important benefits of online school, International Schooling so that you understand us better. By the way, there are many reasons why you should enroll in the world’s best online High School, International Schooling.

Some of those reasons are:

  • Individualized & Customized learning plan
  • One-to-one teaching and learning
  • Personal counseling support
  • Career counseling support
  • Accreditation

So now all Mexican students study from their homes and complete their schooling through the American/International School system.

The flexibility and list of options available with us won’t be available so easily.

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