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Trusted In 135+ Countries



Supporting 12,000+ Students



Accredited By Cognia


Saudi Arabia is a nation rich in history and culture. The quest for knowledge and education has always been its historical endeavor. In terms of school education, it currently has more than 40,000 schools and a literacy rate close to 97%, making it one of the most educated Gulf nations. Since the Kingdom endeavors to transform into a knowledge-based society and diversify its developing economy, online education has become a transformative force for parents.

With the rapid adoption of International Schooling offering the American Curriculum KG-12 School Program, Saudi Arabia is undergoing a paradigm shift in online education. Our Cognia, USA-accredited American Curriculum has given parents an excellent platform for online schooling. Let’s explore the horizons of online schooling in Saudi Arabia, unraveling how International Schooling has ushered in an era of online homeschooling, reshaping the educational outlook in the country.

The Context of Online Schools in Saudi Arabia: Benefits of International Schooling

International Schooling, powered by Discovery Education, founded in 2017 with the motto “Changing Lives for the Best,” is a fully Cognia, USA accredited (formerly AdvancED-NWAC, NCA, & SACS, CASI), College Board, USA approved, NCAA, USA approved K-12 American International School serving thousands of learners with the American Curriculum from trained and certified teachers. We are the first choice of parents in Saudi Arabia because we offer the most affordable homeschool option without compromising quality. In addition, International Schooling brings other advantages for you, such as:


We understand that new-age working parents from Saudi Arabia, with varied commitments and responsibilities, face a challenging time jostling for their kids’ education. International Schooling shares the burden and offers flexible learning schedules, respecting the needs of couples, single parents, and individuals with other obligations. We offer a tailored learning ecosystem according to your child’s learning needs.

International Schooling is Cognia, USA-accredited, and fully complies with the requirements of the American Online High Schools. We allow your kids ‘join-from-anywhere’ freedom that aligns with our motto, “Your School, Your Location, Your Time.” Your kids have complete freedom to choose not just the time and space of their learning but also the possible domains of homeschooling. This flexibility makes your kids efficient in utilizing time and provides enough elbow–room to indulge and master their hobbies and passions.

Quality Education:

Saudi Arabia is known for its vast geographical expanses, and access to education in remote or underserved areas has been challenging. Our mission is to offer every Saudi child the best facilities anywhere in the Online High Schools. By studying the quality American Curriculum through Online Schooling, your kids’ holistic development is guaranteed, and they become global citizens. Online homeschooling with us eliminates every barrier to learning, offering students, even from rural and underserved regions, access to quality education without relocation.

Diversity of Programs:

The learning programs offered by International Schooling include Group Learning and One-to-One Learning Plans. Our students have done equally well in both programs, making their dreams come true and parents proud. Our pool of past students, selected for higher studies in globally prestigious and top-ranked schools and universities, shows that we are doing exceptionally well. This achievement also reaffirms the parent’s trust in us from across the globe and motivates the organization to succeed constantly.

Most Cost-Effective among American Schools:

Online homeschooling in Saudi Arabia by International Schooling is more affordable than not just any traditional or physical school but any American Online School. Moreover, you will save thousands of Riyals generally spent on non-benefiting ventures such as commuting, accommodation, and others with the traditional school education system. Both Group Learning and One-to-One programs are equally cost-effective and rewarding for you to choose from. We, however, encourage parents to go for the Live One-to-One learning programs and observe the turnaround in their kids with personalized learning.

Features of International Schooling in Saudi Arabia

Customized Learning

Our student-centered and customized learning programs help your child grow and excel at their own pace. It also helps achieve their full potential without compromising modern learning needs. Our American curriculum aligns the educational content of the country and its culture to suit Saudi Arabia’s cultural ethos and religious values. It makes our students not only American K12 School Diploma holders but also sensitive individuals who know the local context with a global perspective.

Access to Resources

International Schooling is famous for its online learning resources, which are accessible around the clock for homeschooling students. Moreover, our highly qualified and trained teachers and mentors engage them in immersive audio-visual content during the live classes. We possess cutting-edge digital learning infrastructure and have a 360-degree student support environment to benefit from during your schooling journey.

Technology Integration

The current era is entirely digital and largely technology-driven. Therefore, our learning solutions should also be aligned with the spatial-temporal needs of the 21st century. Hence, our IT and other digital infrastructure offers integrated learning solutions to your child and supports you in constantly checking the kids’ progress. Do you want your kids to possess an Online High School Diploma? Join us today!

International Schooling Enrollment Process

International Schooling Accreditation and Quality Assurance


Accreditation serves as the hallmark of excellence for any educational institution. Our recognition from the prestigious and world’s largest accrediting body – Cognia, USA, has been earned through constant and rigorous efforts. The accreditation agency agrees with our high-standard operations while imparting quality educational services. We are on our path to continuous excellence. The Cognia, USA accreditation also validates our certificates, diplomas, and degrees for educational institutions across the globe and makes us the best among various American Online Schools in Saudi Arabia.

Quality Control

Our inbuilt mechanism for quality checks makes us continuously improve our educational products and services. We engage parents, students, teachers, and administrators in the school’s evaluation process and graciously take constructive feedback. It has given us a name to reckon with for the best quality online homeschooling in Saudi Arabia.


International Schooling Student Support Services

In International Schooling, we have a team for 24/7 academic support 365 days a year. Our mission is to help students in times of need, irrespective of their regions, languages, backgrounds, and other attributes in any form. Our handholding makes your child relax, enjoy the entire learning process, and achieve greater heights in their career.

Any digital learning ecosystem needs a state-of-the-art infrastructure to assist and resolve issues. The robust school administration and expert teachers form the backbone of International Schooling. Our community of personnel enables a hassle-free learning experience that suits every parent and their kids as per their needs. We require a minimal technical set-up from your end to start the online study in the comforts of your home. You just need a working laptop/desktop/tab/smartphone with an internet connection with a good enough speed and stability to begin homeschooling.

International Schooling Success Stories

Student Testimonials:
Parent Testimonials:


International Schooling offers American school curriculum to Grades K-12 and welcomes you with open arms. Enroll with us for a school education journey that will make your child shine at their speed without being anxious. Now is your chance to be a part of the diverse and elite community of learners from across the globe who have achieved their dreams with International Schooling.

We are accredited by Cognia, USA, the world’s largest and most prestigious school accreditor. Our well-qualified and trained teachers and easy-to-use LMS and SMS will keep you up-to-date with your child’s learning and progress. We follow a rigorous and timely process for monthly, weekly, and yearly performance reports. Moreover, the on-demand PTMs will give you a clear and decisive lead on your peers. So, enroll your kids today and be part of this revolution in online school education with International Schooling in Saudi Arabia.


Answer 1: Yes. It is perfectly legal and valid in Saudi Arabia.

Answer 2: Although homeschooling is recognized in local law, finding a suitable option can be challenging for parents. Therefore, parents can choose to homeschool their children.

Answer 3: Saudi Arabia boasts an extremely high literacy rate, with nearly universal literacy. As per the latest reports, the literacy rate is estimated to be over 97%.

Answer 4: According to the World Bank development indicators, the Primary School enrollment (% gross) in Saudi Arabia was 102% in 2021.

Answer 5: Saudi Arabia has approximately 40,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools.

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