We are on the revolutionary path of digitization where everything, from the most basic things to the most important things as education and global businesses are going online. Specifically, if we talk about education, what could have triggered the shift from children going to schools to schools coming to them, in the comfort of their homes? Beginning with the time and money saved in commuting or relocating for schooling, to giving students the provision to pursue their passions and interests along with school, online schooling is here to stay. It gives the much-needed flexibility to students to learn at their own pace, allows them to continue working while studying, offers a wide range of courses and subjects as per the students’ interest, advances the technical skills of the students, enhances their time management skills, reduces peer pressure to a great extent, and gives the students a comfortable learning environment.

Benefits for the Students

  • We are sensitized to the individual learning needs of a young learner.
  • We offer homeschooling benefits like allowing students to learn and gain knowledge at their own pace.
  • We promote ‘Equal and Better Learning’ for every student.
  • We allow learning, counseling and schooling through a single system.
  • We are not focused or biased towards academics as the only option for building careers.
  • We motivate students through economic as well as academic support.

Benefits for the Parents

  • We are a flexible yet standardized alternative to mainstream schooling.
  • We include the best practices of regular schooling in our curricula and system.
  • We are formed with strong fundamentals of research, experience and experiment.
  • We offer benefits like individual attention to every student through a well-designed process.
  • We merge conventional as well as contemporary philosophies of learning.
  • We allow testing, evaluating and benchmarking at the same level as regular schooling does.
  • We provide parents with the flexibility of a 360 degree feedback.
  • We promote co-ordination between teachers and parents for development of students.
  • We provide an option that fits the requirements of global schooling standards.
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