International Schooling advantage

International Schooling is not just an organization…

It is indeed a ‘catching’ phenomenon. Feedback gathered from various sources tells us that these are the following benefits of studying in an online school:

Benefits for the Students:

  • We are sensitized to the individual learning needs of a young learner.
  • We offer homeschooling benefits like allowing students to learn and gain knowledge at their own pace.
  • We promote ‘Equal and Better Learning’ for every student.
  • We allow learning, counseling and schooling through a single system.
  • We are not focused or biased towards academics as the only option for building careers.
  • We motivate students through economic as well as academic support.
Choosing right homeschooling program
homeschooling program

Benefits for the Parents:

  • We are a flexible yet standardized alternative to mainstream schooling.
  • We include the best practices of regular schooling in our curricula and system.
  • We are formed with strong fundamentals of research, experience and experiment.
  • We offer homeschooling benefits like individual attention to every student through a well-designed process.
  • We merge conventional as well as contemporary philosophies of learning.
  • We allow testing, evaluating and benchmarking at the same level as regular schooling does.
  • We provide parents with the flexibility of a 360 degree feedback.
  • We promote co-ordination between teachers and parents for development of students.
  • We provide an option that fits the requirements of global schooling standards.

A great benefit of online schooling with International schooling is that – as an accredited program, International Schooling offers its students a globally relevant diploma accepted by colleges and employers, worldwide. The award-winning curriculum of International schooling is another advantage. The benefits of online school are seamless for all of its students. At International Schooling, we provide an extensive support by our exceptional team of counselors, mentors and academicians. Regular feedback to the students along with assessments at regular intervals provides them the information about their progress.

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