International Schooling values, respects and celebrates the diversity of backgrounds that students come from. History attests to countless instances of individuals who, in their early years, could not complete their schooling but grew up to become pioneers and path-breakers in distinct fields. But the same cannot be expected from every child, as many, if not all, require the right academic setting to flourish and grow.

Every year, we come across thousands of learners who deviated from mainstream education due to various reasons. Being slow or fast learners, many are unable to adapt in a regular classroom setting and are often placed at fault. During COVID-19, many parents lost their jobs and couldn’t pay their child’s school fee. As a result, the schools refused to pass the student and issue their transcript. At International Schooling, where supporting a child to reach their best potential is the priority, these reasons are mere excuses. Irrespective of the situation, a child’s academic journey should never be compromised. With the aim of spreading smiles across the globe with accessible, affordable, and quality education, International Schooling came up with the initiative ‘Connect to Impact’.

What is ‘Connect to Impact’?

As the name suggests, we connect students with education to create a positive impact on their lives. We treat each student as a person deserving of quality education, irrespective of their past. It does not matter whether you have previous grade transcripts, are an adult learner, have been home-schooled, are a gifted learner, or deviate from the traditional confines of physical schools. At International Schooling, we have a place for everyone who lost their way from education without intention. Administered in Grades 1–8, Connect to Impact is a framework that assesses the ability of a student to study in a particular grade. Based on an interaction with the student, the school generates a report recommending the student to the best-suited grade based on their skills and prior understanding of concepts. Through this program, the student regains access to an education that is accepted and validated all around the world.

Connect to Impact by International Schooling is the answer to those various reasons and excuses that stand between you and your future. Connect now and continue with your academic journey today!

  A school for:

  • Gifted Learners
  • Homeschoolers
  • Adult Learners
  • Students looking to re-start their education
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