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International Schooling students obtain every facility that regular school goers get. At International Schooling we understand this thoroughly and try to go one step better. An important and critical requirement of effective learning is feedback mechanism for the parent. A parent has the right as well as the duty to know the performance of his/her ward. This also helps the parent to contribute better to the learning and development of student.

Keeping the above in mind, we enable both “Regular” & “On-Demand” parent-teacher interactions. These interactions may involve discussions on micro topics such as particular Worksheets or Lesson Plans. Alternatively, they may also be focused on larger and broader issues such as ‘Benefits of International Schooling’, specifics of schooling or even the current facts about International Schooling. Every such interaction is taken very seriously at International Schooling and the feedback is recorded for further references. The interaction mechanism between parents and teachers serves another important purpose too. Education is an ever evolving sphere, and the demands of every generation, program and student are unique.

It is not uncommon for parents and guardians to lose track of the day to day academic requirements of their children. The interaction with teachers keeps them abreast with the latest. It helps them understand their child and his/her learning needs better. This in turn helps them to contribute more effectively towards the total growth and development of their child.

Additionally, it is also observed, that in quite a few cases, it also helps them to refresh their own academic fundamentals and concepts. This infuses a fresh enthusiasm in them and helps them to guide and mentor their kids better. Looking at it from the aspect of the teacher, there is an understanding of the student’s activities after the school hours.

A strong coalition between parents and teachers helps both the stakeholders to work collaboratively towards the learning of the students. While going through the process of exploration of International Schooling, a lot of parents come back to us to enquire, how we make International Schooling a success. They also ask us about how we teach our students. A lot of students compare how they learn from their teachers to how they learn from their parents. The difference in teaching methodologies can make a child confused. This is precisely the reason why a lot of students would tell their parents and friends “This is not how we do it at school”.

A positive bridge between teachers and parents keeps both of them abreast with the learning needs and behavior of the children. A lot of parents want to discuss how their children behave after school. Additionally, they also want to know how well their children are coping with the studies. The interaction between both parties transcends into a more positive learning environment for the children.


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