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At International Schooling Corporation, we value diversity and uniqueness. Our staff, including our teachers, belong to different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. We believe that we as a schooling corporation, are privileged to be in a position to create a positive impact through creating more respect and value for what every individual stands for. And most certainly, we begin by transcending this spirit to hold the individuality of every learner in high esteem. At ISC, we put this in practice even before the learner enrolls with us. Only when we understand each and every learner’s individual learning needs, would we be able to value their individuality and create a curated and customized learning experience for them.

With learners from over 40 countries enrolled with ISC as of June 2020, our counselors have exposure to diverse cultures and learning expectations. it is an enriching experience for all members of ISC to support the journey of learners with such unique learning needs and we are sure we would be able to provide the best and most-suited learning route for your child to fulfill her/his academic and professional pursuits. Our counselors are not just experienced, but indeed well-qualified and trained to provide your child with the most relevant advice.
We generally encourage parents to enroll for a free session with our counselor. During this session, the interaction with parents and learners helps our counselor to determine the learning requirements, learning styles, learning preferences and learning expectations. Once this is done, the counselor is in a position to recommend how best to proceed to devise a customized learning plan for a particular learner. While the participation of parents isn’t a mandatory requirement, it may be important in keeping the child more engaged, disciplined and aligned with the primary goals and learning roadmaps.
Every week hundreds of learners and their parents interact with our counselors and most of them value such interactions because they find that the result is extremely beneficial for the child.
If you are looking for someone who is focused and committed to provide you the best advice for your child, you must surely get in touch with one of our counselors through this service. And what more, it is completely free of cost. To help us support your child, please reach to us on [email protected] for a counseling session. We are sure you and your child would simply love it!
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