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International Schooling’s academic diversity and pluralism is clearly reflected in the way we choose our teachers. Every teacher is selected through a well-documented rigorous process of shortlisting and is then trained on our system in a methodical and detailed manner. We have strong checks and balances in place to ensure that every teacher is giving the ‘best’ of academic input and intervention to the assigned learners. Additionally, there is a 360-degree feedback mechanism where inputs from learners and parents are recorded and if need be, necessary measures and changes implemented. We are committed to providing a ‘curated’ learning experience to every learner, taking in consideration the academic preferences as well as respecting the cultural, ethnic and traditional sensitivities of learners and parents as well.

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The multilingual and multicultural group of teachers at International Schooling are also periodically mentored and guided by the ‘Academic Supervision Department’ of International Schooling, in addition to undergoing internal certifications and accreditations. 

Teachers from over 30 different countries across 5 continents are currently engaging thousands of learners from 60+ countries and nationalities at International Schooling, making the entire paradigm of learning a truly immersive and interactive experience for each and every learner.

Besides the large team of academic and subject-matter experts, the International Schooling academic team also includes specialized counselors, parenting experts, psychologists and career advisors. Members of our academic team have performed exceptionally well in their respective fields and have rich and varied experience in disciplines ranging from arts, science, technology, music etc. When the teachers share this large depth and breadth of experience with learners, the development and growth of learners is holistic and multi-dimensional.

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