What is National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA USA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States is a non-profit organization that regulates and organizes college athletics. Its primary mission is to support student-athletes in both academics and athletics by offering them scholarships and opportunities to participate in various college level competitions and tournaments. 

Student-Athletes & NCAA USA

Student-athletes are those students who participate in various sports while also completing their education at school or university. They balance their athletic commitments and their academic responsibilities to excel both on the field and in the classroom. Universities and colleges in the States value such student-athletes and some of the most prestigious universities including the Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and others, offer scholarships to students who study NCAA-approved courses in High School (Grade 09 – Grade 12). These scholarships recognize both athletic talent and academic achievements, providing student-athletes with the means to pursue their education at esteemed institutions while competing at the highest level in their sport.

List of Universities Accepting NCAA USA Courses –

International Schooling x NCAA USA

With the mission “To change the lives of students with the most accessible and affordable schooling,” at International Schooling, we take pride in being the only accredited American online school to offer NCAA-approved courses and to be part of their eligibility center. Our curriculum covers a wide range of courses, including English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion, and philosophy—all approved by NCAA USA.
List of NCAA USA Approved Courses at International Schooling –

Grade 9

English 1


Algebra 1


Probability & Statistics

Earth Space Science

Physical Science

French 1

Spanish 1

Grade 10

English 2

Economics with Financial Literacy

Algebra 2


Anatomy & Physiology

Environmental Science 1

Physics 1

Spanish 1

Grade 11

English 3

United States History

Calculus Honors


Biology 1

Integrated Biology

French 1

Spanish 2

Grade 12

English 4

World History



Chemistry 1

Marine Science

French 2

Spanish 3

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The biggest challenge for student-athletes is however balancing their academics and pursuing their athletic dreams. Physical schools are unable to support them with the flexibility they need and many students have to make a tough choice between sports and academics. With a vision to create smiles for students across the globe with excellent quality schooling and as one of the most trusted international American accredited online school, International Schooling provides the best support to student athletes and has become the most sought after online school for student athletes  Thousands of student-athletes from around the world choose International Schooling to pursue their academic and athletic dreams. With our flexible online classes, live teacher support and NCAA USA approved courses, these students can balance their rigorous training schedules with their studies, participating in state, national, and international competitions while excelling academically.

International Schooling is proud to have supported and guided student athletes by not only helping them balance their academics and sports but by also giving them financial aid through scholarships and fee waiver programs.

State Level

10% waived off on the total fee

National Level

15% waived off on the total fee

International Level

20% waived off on the total fee

As a part of their Eligibility Centre, International Schooling also recommends students to various universities for athletic and academic scholarships, hence guiding them to get admitted to the best universities in the States. Over these years International Schooling has made the dreams of thousands of student-athletes a reality, enabling them to study in the best American universities with academic scholarships. Despite being physically distant from the USA, students enrolled in International Schooling can still apply and study in these prestigious institutions, pursuing both their academic and athletic aspirations.

Being approved by NCAA USA and being part of their eligibility center is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality education and supporting student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence. As our philosophy, “We believe each child is unique and deserves an education as per their needs, and every decision we make revolves around the student” and hence we empower student-athletes to achieve their full potential, both on the field and in the classroom.

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