About I.S.

International Schooling is the best International Online High School whose endeavor is to propagate, promote and prosper a viable and credible online schooling option through the digital medium. We are not just academicians. We are an organization of visionaries, thinkers and social entrepreneurs. We aim to empower students, parents, teachers, institutions and society at large. We also envision the broad spectrum of ideas to take learning beyond the boundaries of books, classrooms and curricula.

International Schooling Team:

International Schooling is an Online High School which is promoted by experienced intelligentsia from the field of education. Our team boasts of rich and varied experience in evolving the face of education at school and collegiate level. Through a system of well spelled out curricula, syllabus and processes, we are keen to develop an equally powerful alternative for schooling.

International Schooling is led by a group of young as well as experienced industry experts, academicians and pedagogues. The team is well equipped by research, IT infrastructure, product’s knowledge and domain expertise. We at International Schooling, keep ourselves familiar and updated with the needs, demands and practices of schooling and education at large. We provide our students with the best International Online High School experience.

How International Schooling-the best Online High School came to existence?

School education is the foundation of a child’s academic, personal and intellectual growth. We completely understand the sensitivity of the matter, and work towards constant improvement. International Schooling has invested and continues to invest considerable amount of time, energy and resources to assimilate best practices in schooling. It is the best place to earn your High School diploma online.

We strive to include all this learning into our International Online High School programs and services. International Schooling is deeply focused on creating a holistic schooling option. Years of research, surveys and studies have gone into making our programs globally-viable programs. While interacting with students, parents and school authorities, we realized that there was a visible gap in schooling on a global level. A lot of students wanted freedom to learn at their own pace, time and convenience. Schools on the other hand had clear-written directions about how and when to complete the programwork. A lot of times the regular schooling criterion was not suitable for a lot of students.

Parents on the other hand always wanted their children to be bright, intelligent and well-educated. A cauldron of all this eventually sparked the genesis of an International Online High School that caters to the needs of all students and fulfils the expectations of their parents. A 47 year old mother of a Grade 10 student said “Is it possible that my child gets the right education the way he wants?” The answer was “Yes”, and yet the challenges were manifold. Hours, days, months and years of effort and conviction have been put into our organization’s endeavor. A positive acceptance from all stakeholders is an encouraging sign that keeps us motivated to improve.

At ‘International Schooling’, we have created a school that opens, closes, travels and stays with the student… A school that matches with the global programs and curriculum… A school that visualizes to create a student of the new ‘shrinking’ world… and most importantly… A school that the student loves to attend…

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