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We all know the land of the United Arab Emirates for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the  Grand Mosques, The Dubai Mall, and a lot of sand. But only a few  know the UAE possesses a robust and progressive education system. Did you know that in 2022, the adult literacy rate for the United Arab Emirates was 98.3%, and the UAE University ranked at 290 in the QS World University Rankings 2024? Similarly, the female literacy rate in the UAE is more than 95%. Aren’t these numbers pleasantly astonishing and present a completely different picture than the popular belief about the gulf nations? Today, women in the UAE are at the center-stage of decision-making and can be seen at most public offices, serving people with ease and confidence. Similarly, when it comes to their children’s careers, they are making an informed and educated decision by choosing quality education and the best schools for their children.

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Online Schooling in the UAE: Ushering A New Dawn of Quality Education

Public schools, private schools, and higher education institutions share the educational space in the UAE. Private institutions are generally not under direct government control but are bound by guidelines set forth by the federal ministry and local authorities. Online education and institutions offering the same have received a renewed push and acceptance and have emerged as a powerful alternative to physical schooling in the UAE. 

The entire online schooling landscape of the UAE has been carved and shaped by International Schooling in the last few years. Founded in 2017, International Schooling is a fully Cognia, USA accredited (formerly AdvancED-NWAC, NCA, & SACS, CASI), College Board, USA and NCAA, USA approved, KG-12 American International School serving thousands of students with the American Curriculum from internationally trained and certified teachers. Powered by Discovery Education and adhering to its motto “Changing Lives for the Best”’ International Schooling has become the most sought after American online High School in the UAE.

Most Trusted and Loved American Online School in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We are the first choice of parents in Dubai & Abu Dhabi because we offer the most affordable online homeschooling option without compromising on educational quality. Additionally, International Schooling brings many other advantages for you, such as:

Searching for an online homeschool? Want your child to study in a globally accredited and approved American Curriculum with flexibility? Go nowhere! We have the most flexible learning programs in the world for your child. We adhere to “Your School, Your Location, Your Time”, in letters and in spirits. Perhaps, one of the most attractive features of International Schooling is the integration of flexibility and the latest technology to offer a hassle free educational experience to our students.

Once enrolled with us, your child will experience quality education with expert and certified teachers from across the globe. Yes, you read that right! Learning here is strictly according to your child’s needs and speed. All their worries about course completion and credit gains will become a thing of the past with us. We ensure our faculties do not rush with the course content and give the students adequate space and time in live classes. With us, your child will graduate in a flexible learning atmosphere while staying in the comfort of their home.

UAE has seen a spontaneous rise in E-learning platforms over the last few years. International Schooling with its state- of- the- art facilities and the best technological tools has become the prime choice for online schooling. Our school offers quality-tested and globally recognized American Curriculum to allay the fears of substandard quality in education. Moreover, we ensure that our students get 21st-century laboratory and practical skills to inculcate scientific temper and excel in the real world.

All these qualities have made our courses the most sought-after by parents searching for American Online Schooling in the UAE. As an open to all and affordable quality online school, we offer learning programs from kindergarten to 12th grade in the UAE. Experience our most inclusive and diverse live classrooms where minds are ignited, and curiosities are cultivated. Dive into our engaging and immersive digital learning content and fall in love with learning.

Every child is unique and so are their learning needs and desires.. Therefore, International Schooling in the UAE offers a variety of learning plans that are curated specifically to suit every student’s schedule and study hours. For instance, in our Group Learning Plan, your child will join a small and dedicated group of students (typically 9-20) from the same time zone for live online classes. Meanwhile, in the One-to-One Learning Plan, more personalized attention is offered to your child as only one student with a teacher is present during the live classes. 

Both of our learning methods have shown excellent results over the years. However, the One-to-One method is among the UAE’s most popular online education programs. We are confident that your child can rise and shine with personalized support. Therefore, we encourage you to enroll your child in our One-to-One learning method and see the positive change in the learning methodologies of your child within a few weeks. Our alumni are studying in the world’s best universities today, which testifies to the quality of online homeschooling at our school. We strive to make your child happy and you happier with their daily progress!

Our commitment to offering affordable and quality online schooling makes us stand out among American Online Schools anywhere in the world. International Schooling offers the most cost-effective online homeschooling in the UAE compared to any other school, be it a traditional or an online school. Online schooling with us also saves you thousands of Dirhams, usually spent on school uniforms, accessories, commuting, hostel accommodation, etc. With homeschooling, your child can stay comfortable in a safe, homely environment and choose to study whenever they want. Both of our programs, Group Learning as well as One-To-One learning are made to be affordable, however,  encourage parents in the UAE to select the Live One-to-One program and have their children experience personalized attention and flexibility of lesson plans and study hours.

Our Unique Features for Homeschool Students of UAE

Customized Learning

This is an era of customized interiors, foods, clothes, and recently, schooling and learning has also joined the customization bandwagon. At our American Online High School, we offer you the most student-friendly and customized schooling experience. With our One-to-One learning method, you can enroll your child at any time of the year. We provide teachers with

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Access To Resources

Our comprehensive platform has curated the best online learning resources for your child. The content of every lesson is well-researched and handpicked by our expert educators with decades of experience. Once enrolled with us, you do not have to worry about your child’s education and career. We keep our students updated with the best online education

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Technology Integration

Today, technology has made learning more accessible and fun than it was a decade ago. Our school has a robust Learning Management System (LMS) and a School Management System (SMS) to manage the online learning needs of our students. These technological platforms are super-easy and fun, making the learning ecosystem meet today’s needs.

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International Schooling Accreditation and Quality Assurance

An honest and unbiased review and endorsement by a third party  is always helpful before signing up for anything. We are a proud member of Cognia, USA, the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious school accreditation body. Our accreditation from Cognia, USA, is the hallmark of our educational excellence. We encourage parents to check the school accreditation certificate and decide for themselves before enrolling their child. We assure you of the highest level of educational quality. Our institution is on a path to continuous improvement, and we leave no loose ends to tie. The Cognia accreditation validates our diplomas and transcripts, ensuring credibility and widespread recognition and acceptance in universities worldwide.

Quality is essential for any product or service we purchase, and we uphold it at International Schooling. A quality education and online high school diploma from International Schooling will open the doors for your child worldwide. An effective mechanism ensures quality control in our school. We respond to your queries within a few minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. You will not find this quick support at any online schools available worldwide. We regularly interact with parents, students, teachers, and administrators to evaluate our processes and methods. We are always open to constructive suggestions and criticism to bring about improvements and make the schooling journey of our students even better. These features have made us the best-quality online homeschooling in the UAE, offering you the best American schooling.

International Schooling Student Support Services

Academic Support

We deploy a 24/7 dedicated student support team to interact with our students online and guide them in case they need support of any kind, 365 days a year. Our vision and mission are aligned to help our students regardless of their location, language, culture, or financial background. We cultivate cordial relationships and have earned deep respect from the student body for our services from across the globe. Enroll with us now if you want the best online school degree for your child.

Technical Assistance

Our online learning ecosystem has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to guide and solve the issues of our students. The teachers and school management, who form the backbone of International Schooling, are always there to guide and help the students in case of any technical glitches. Our IT support guarantees an effortless and smooth learning experience that has made homeschooling student-friendly in the UAE. You just need a working laptop/desktop/tablet/smartphone and an internet connection to start your online school journey. Book a free school tour and see how online education works. It is your chance to study in the best online high school in the UAE. Book your school tour today!

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The inherent learning flexibility and personalized attention are the two most significant advantages.

Both have pros and cons; online learning with flexibility and accessibility outshines physically confined classrooms.

Homeschooling can be started at any age based on the child’s needs and curiosity. However, your country’s Department of Education can provide a more specific answer based on the local laws.

Definitely! You can attend homeschooling and excel in academics.

International Schooling: Globalizing Education and Connecting Cultures in UAE

Connect with us to reach the heights of academic excellence. Book a demo session through our official website, and get the hang of our virtual schooling programs through our academicians. Our enrollment process is seamless and hassle-free. Fill this form and we will be glad to assist you with the next step of your online school enrollment!


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It is important to note that the regulations governing homeschooling and online schooling vary significantly across different regions, states, or countries. Therefore, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review and understand the specific legal requirements and guidelines pertaining to homeschooling and online schooling within your country prior to initiating the enrollment process.

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