Vision, Mission and Philosophy


International Schooling aims to provide a well-researched and structured learning paradigm to schooling. International Schooling works towards providing the best possible global education to all school students worldwide. We at International Schooling, work with the sole vision of ‘Creating Effective Learning’ for all school students through:

  • Providing a valuable and relevant digital schooling platform
  • Educating the young learners, parents and teachers globally
  • Creating a single platform for all stakeholders related to school education
  • Empowering young learners globally in their quest for attaining knowledge & success


The structure of school education is globally inclined towards the 12 year model. However, the syllabus, curriculum and scheme of examinations differ marginally. The concepts taught globally are more or less the same. The role of schools and institutions is to create a suitable learning corridor for effective disbursement of this learning. The mission of International Schooling is:

  • To establish International Schooling as a premium schooling option globally
  • To educate schools and learning centers to embrace and radiate our vision
  • To establish International Schooling as a premier technology-based organization
  • To attract and absorb experienced and learned academic talent
  • To improve and customize our programs as per the learning needs of learners


International Schooling has taken huge yet concrete strides in the direction of establishing “My Location, My Time” as a credible and realizable philosophy in school education. The said philosophy is becoming achievable with the support of parents, students, teachers and related others. There is a very prominent place for schooling in the entire ecosystem of education. Every child is unique and his/her education is critical for his/her career. In the initial years of growth and development, a child should be empowered to achieve his/her maximum learning capacity. This achievement is a result of many variables some of which are:

  • Understanding every student as a unique individual
  • Taking feedback of parents and teachers
  • Making a customized growth and learning chart for every student
  • Deploying effective monitoring and motivation
  • Balancing work-load, learning and development

As we move further to achieve what we philosophize, we need inputs from students, teachers and parents. Hence the evolution of International Schooling is based on the contribution from all these audiences. Seminars, learning and brainstorming sessions, surveys, meetings and focussed group discussions have contributed immensely to the development of International Schooling and they still continue to do so.

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