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At International Schooling, there is a place for every learner. When we say every learner, it also includes learners who have been limited and restricted by various challenges and disabilities. We strive to add a smile to each and every learner’s face and we believe that we are capable and fortunate to be in a position where we can create a positive impact. Not everyone is so fortunate and with this fortune comes great responsibility, which we discharge with conviction and dutifulness.

Children in the school-going age aren’t strong and knowledgeable enough to know about the education system in depth. Globally and in most cases, the education systems instead of finding ways to support all learners, creates environments full of restrictions.

How would a physically-challenged learner learn to behave and respond like other healthy children in his classroom, when he’s treated differently? How would a learner with speech or auditory issues learn to feel confident if he’s not provided apt and timely support? How do we expect learners who need extra attention and teaching support to respond appropriately in a classroom of 30 learners? Who would ensure that each and every learner is provided a learning environment which is tailor-made for his/her specific learning needs and instead of the learner needing to adapt to the environment, the environment adapts to the learner’s requirements?

At International Schooling, We Do!

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Learners fall out of mainstream education not only due to academic reasons. There are other internal and external factors that contribute to this fallout. No two children are the same. There are children who are emotionally, physically or mentally different. To expect them to fit into the mainstream is like expecting a right hander to write with left hand. 

The purpose of writing is defeated because holding the pen becomes a challenge that absorbs all the energy in this case. Similarly, the purpose of learning is defeated because children who are different are provided an environment where they are expected to behave and perform like others. Most of these issues and differences that children have are minor, however our treatment and response to such differences make them magnified and more serious. At International Schooling, we respect these differences and treat them such children like any other children. Sometimes minor differences such as not speaking the same language as other children in the same grade do, becomes a major challenge that hinders the process of learning. We don’t treat these issues like roadblocks. We look at them as opportunities to learn more about different kinds of learners.  

International Schooling’s asynchronous online courses for Kindergarten to Grade 12 provide its students with the best school education and online learning experience accessible from anywhere around the world.

All learners who have fallen out of the mainstream education system for whatever reason, physical, academic, mental, emotional, social or any other, are welcome to talk to us and we will do our best to support them. Children who want to go back to school again, are welcome to do so with us. Our doors are always open for them and we welcome them with open arms and smiling faces. We also provide them with curated and customized learning solutions, hand-picked and designed for them. We try to model ourselves to support the philosophy and ideology of governments, UNESCO and International Schooling, all simultaneously and in a cohesive manner. At the end of the day, the purpose of a school’s existence must be to spread more smiles to learners, and that is exactly what we are dedicated to achieve.

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