Each Child Is Unique And Deserves An Education As Per Their Own Needs.

In the rollercoaster of life, countless individuals find themselves derailed or lost by the obstacles of inaccessible and unaffordable education. This harsh reality not only crushes their hope for a better life but also inflicts deep wounds upon the dreams and aspirations of those seeking knowledge and opportunity.

More often than not, traditional education systems fail to find ways to support students with different learning needs and speeds and create an environment full of restrictions. Especially for physically challenged students and students with special needs, it becomes extremely difficult to learn and respond in a classroom of 30 students. They need extra attention and guidance to match pace with their peers and fulfill their learning needs.

We Understand

Each child is physically, emotionally and mentally distinct. Expecting every child to fit in the same mold is similar to asking everyone to wear the same- sized shoe. Similarly, expecting every child to fit in the same learning environment defeats the purpose of learning as all of their energy is absorbed in trying to fit in. Education loses its essence when children who need extra support are forced to conform to standards that do not suit them. Therefore, we firmly believe every child deserves a learning space that does not hinder their potential and provides ample room for growth.

We understand the challenges people around the globe face when it comes to education, limited by their personal, physical, or social constraints. Therefore, at International Schooling, we create a place for every student. When we say every student, it also includes those limited and restricted by various challenges and disabilities. We strive to create smiles on every student’s face, and we believe that we are capable and fortunate to be able to bring about a positive impact. We do not ask our students to adapt to the school environment; rather, we create an environment that adapts to every student’s unique requirements.

Most Affordable Accredited Online School

Through our unwavering commitment to make education accessible and affordable to every student across the globe, we aim to remove the barriers that hinder so many students from realizing their full potential. We have officially become the world’s most affordable accredited online school that also offers scholarships, financial aid and inclusive programs. Students who have fallen out of the mainstream education system for whatever reason are welcome to talk to us, and we will do our best to support them by providing them with curated and customized learning solutions hand-picked and designed for them.

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