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Our regular blog posts keep you updated on the latest trends and ideas in education and much more about digital schooling. Experts at International Schooling, understand the dynamism associated with education, and record the same in the form of crisp blogs. Irrespective of you being a part of our family, these blogs are assured to guide and serve you in all aspects of life, particularly academics.

From all of the available schooling options, we have to scrutinize the benefits/advantages of online schools and evaluate if they are right for us or not.

Is an Online School Right for Your Child?

Many of us are still unaware of the designs and advantages of 100% online schools. This knowledge will help you to understand this new schooling option better. And it will also help you to decide if an online school is right for your child?

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Social media and mental health
Child Behaviour

Social Media and Mental Health: The good, bad and the ugly

There is a strong connection between the use of social media and mental health. Studies reveal that 72% of the American population uses social media in some form or the other. Let’s explore some of these physical effects of social media on youth in detail-

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Temper Tantrum kid
Child Behaviour

7 Ways To Deal With A Temper Tantrum Kid

Handling a temper tantrum kid is one of the greatest challenges of parenthood. Most parents struggle to manage this emotional turmoil and at times, it gets difficult to control the situation.

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the effect of childhood trauma
Child Behaviour

6 Ways To Minimize The Effect Of Childhood Trauma

Medical intelligentsia has proved that the effect of childhood trauma can stay with the child for a very long time. It is a multi-headed monster that has a sinister impact on one’s lifelong health and can adversely impact the physical and mental health of the individual even in adulthood. Let’s understand more about it!

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Psychology as a science | Child Behavior
Child Behaviour

Applying Psychology As A Science For A Better Life

As per the American Psychological Association, psychology as a science benefits the entire society and enhances our everyday lives. Let’s move towards the exploration of psychology as a science, starting from its impact on our everyday lives:

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