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Our regular blog posts keep you updated on the latest trends and ideas in education and much more about digital schooling. Experts at International Schooling, understand the dynamism associated with education, and record the same in the form of crisp blogs. Irrespective of you being a part of our family, these blogs are assured to guide and serve you in all aspects of life, particularly academics.

AI for Homework All You Need to Know

AI for Homework: All You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a useful tool across many areas of life. Recently, homework AI has been an addition to the list of the impeccable advantages of machine intelligence. Many stakeholders

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AI in Education How AI is Changing the Way We Learn
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AI in Education: How AI is Changing the Way We Learn

The world is advancing at a remarkable speed. And innovative educational designs are constantly revolutionizing our classrooms into better learning spaces. After the paradigm of blended models, hybrid learning, and full-fledged online education

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