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Our regular blog posts keep you updated on the latest trends and ideas in education and much more about digital schooling. Experts at International Schooling, understand the dynamism associated with education, and record the same in the form of crisp blogs. Irrespective of you being a part of our family, these blogs are assured to guide and serve you in all aspects of life, particularly academics.

Surprising Benefits of Microlearning for Students

Surprising Benefits of Microlearning for Students

In the present scenario, our educational landscape has accommodated some great alternatives to traditional classroom teaching and learning. From online education to blended, hybrid, or distance learning models, each option offers a host

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Blended Learning What Is It and How Does It Work
Learning Style

Blended Learning: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Blended Learning is a highly effective approach that helps personalizing a student’s learning experience. It leverages the power of technology. And combines the elements of online learning with the enriched experience of in-person

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Is Homeschooling a Trend What expert thinks about homeschooling
Homeschool Moms

Is Homeschooling a Trend?

Many academicians believe that educational alternatives are a silver lining to the dark phase of Covid-19. As alternative school arrangements have gained immense popularity amongst the masses. The pandemic has certainly brought us

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flipped classroom

The Flipped Classroom- A Complete Guide

Flipped classroom is a highly effective approach to improve student engagement and collaboration. In this age of digitalization, this instructional strategy is highly beneficial. Because it allows students to utilize both the asynchronous

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Helicopter Parenting How Does It Impact Kids

Helicopter Parenting: How Does It Impact Kids?

Helicopter parenting is a style of raising a child that is often criticized for numerous reasons. It is common in several families. And adversely affects the child’s capability to manage emotions in life.

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We must instill gratitude and mindfulness in our children in order to promote positive thinking.
Child Behaviour

Positive Thinking Strategies For Teenagers

Positive thinking is the foundation of a joyous living. It allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the blessing of life. And empowers us to overcome the pain of rough and unpleasant experiences. It

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