Homeschooling In Hong Kong Without Spending A Fortune – 5 Budget Tips

Homeschooling budget tips

If you have chosen to homeschool in Hong Kong for your child, you have already taken the first steps towards affordable international schooling. With homeschooling in Hong Kong, you have eliminated the school’s tuition costs, uniform expenses and travel allowances. Despite all these, you can still make budget cuts while virtual homeschooling and yes, you do not have to make any compromise on your child’s education. Every penny saved can be helpful and here are 5 tips to homeschool your child without spending a fortune. Start taking notes and save all along: 

Homeschooling In Hong Kong Without Spending A Fortune – 5 Budget Tips

  1. Hand down homeschooling material

Your young one can use the books of the older sibling or friend or you can get the material from a family whose child has moved on to a higher grade. Spending on new books is meaningless as long as your child learns the subject.

  1. Get free curriculum resources online

Websites like have free tips and study material available for download. The outstanding content proves helpful in grooming your homeschooler while cutting your costs.

  1. Recycle your household materials for crafts

Your cereal boxes, the toilet roll cardboard, plastic bottles or even old toothbrushes, anything can work as an art material and you do not have to purchase separately. With traditional schooling, you generally do not have this option.

  1. Buy in bulk and buy online

In case you do have to buy some stuff, get together with other homeschooling in Hong Kong families and buy in bulk. You will get discounts on such orders and save some money. You may also consider sites like eBay where you can purchase used materials.

  1. Once done, sell it

As soon as your child passes a grade, return the favour to other homeschoolers and sell or lend your material. You can earn good money from Facebook groups or online forums. Every penny you make is ultimately a return.

Hope you use these budget tips and cut your costs to save money for college. Good luck on your homeschool journey!

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