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Need for an Online Elementary School?

Elementary school is the stepping stone for every student in their educational journey. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the elementary education of every child lays a strong foundation for their social, cultural, emotional and cognitive development. In a society where almost everything is dependent on technology, education is no exception. Hence, online schools are being increasingly preferred by parents and students alike for they are flexible, accommodative are and are the future of learning.

An Online Elementary School is essential because it addresses the most emerging needs of the future. It offers endless opportunities to the young minds and prepares them to become active contributors and productive citizens in the future. It also equips them with four essential skill sets:

Global Citizenship

Creative Thinking

Interpersonal Skills

Digital Competence

Elementary Online School prepares the young minds for the future!

International Schooling is committed to providing the best quality education that is an amalgamation of innovation and creativity. The digital learning content is designed to be personalized, self- paced, accessible and inclusive. It is well researched and curated to enhance foundational skills such as reading, writing, comprehension and numeracy. A good quality online elementary school deploys a combination of innovative and interactive teaching practices and International Schooling ensures every standard of quality education is adequately met. 

The teaching practices at International Schooling are focused on creating joyful learning experiences that encourage creative thinking, relate content to real world applications and enhance understanding through project base and inquiry based learning. It equips students with skills like problem solving and analytical thinking at a very early age.

International Schooling has well qualified and certified teachers trained to tap a child’s interests and abilities. One teacher is assigned for each subject and personalized attention is given to every student. This strategy enables the teachers to witness the overall development of a child and allows them to incorporate different activities, as per the child’s needs, during interactive sessions.

The flexible curriculum offered at International Schooling helps promote creativity and curiosity leading to the holistic development of a student. The flexibility allows students to proceed at their own pace which fosters independence and turns them into self directed learners. Parents, as learning coaches, also play a vital role in the early stages of learning and help their children stay focused and develop a sense of responsibility.   

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