International Schooling is committed to offering a flexible, innovative, and comprehensive education that supports every student’s growth, curiosity, and success. Our mission is to change students’ lives with the most accessible and affordable schooling that goes beyond traditional boundaries, preparing them for a changing world with the right skills and knowledge.

Every student learns concepts at a different speed and has specific requirements when it comes to their education. To incorporate this spirit of learning diversity, International Schooling came up with Self-Paced Learning, an approach that fits the diverse learning needs of our students. This program empowers your child to learn at their own pace, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our curriculum is carefully designed to engage students through diverse educational material, digital textbooks, and e-laboratories.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses offered by the College Board, USA, are special college-level courses that help students prepare for their future studies. AP courses enable students to find a wider perspective on concepts and increase their understanding of the world, which sets them apart from their peers. Regular school-going students can also opt for our self-paced AP courses, which earn them course credit and a Cognia-certified transcript.

Credit Recovery

Every person has their ups and downs in life. As educators, we understand the unique challenges one might face in their schooling. We do not judge students based on their past; rather, we provide them with opportunities for the future. Through our credit recovery program, students can get back on track with their academics without having to repeat the entire grade. This program is more suited for those seeking to bounce back from academic challenges and make progress in their educational career.

Gifted Learners

As a gifted learner, does your child face difficulty learning with other children? Do they feel constrained and limited in a physical classroom where they are forced to match their pace with their peers around them?

Recognizing and adapting to the learning requirements of gifted learners, International Schooling has introduced a self-paced learning program that has been specifically curated to match the pace and flexibility of each learner. Each student is special to us and we allow our students the freedom to get an education meeting global standards, at their own pace, outside of the boundaries set in physical classrooms.

Our learning management system includes a wide range of electives and add-ons that allow students to explore their interests and gain knowledge in fields outside of the curriculum offered by physical schools.

Moreover, we offer 24*7 administration support and online teacher guidance for doubts and clarification of concepts and assessments. Our approach to education is different from physical school systems. We firmly believe that students should be active participants in their learning. We motivate our students to take charge of their education to unleash their potential and perform at their best.

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