Extra Curriculars at
International schooling

International Schooling is Changing Lives for the Best and integrating extra-curricular activities with academics has strengthened the same. Academics play a vital role in a student’s life, and prepares them to compete in the ever changing world. But they often get lost amidst the chaos built from the strict protocols of a regular society. They often feel trapped, and with that limited personality set, they feel restricted within a bubble. To stand out from the rest of the society, they need to develop skills that set them apart from the general crowd. Our vision of an ideal school would have been incomplete without the focus on the talents and skills of our students! We understand that though academics advance knowledge, yet solely depending on them would lead to partial healthy development. In fact, extra-curricular activities have proven to shape the psyche in a positive way, good enough to develop a stronger personality for the individual.

Every child is unique, and both parents and students find different mediums to display the same. The regular schools have a fixed reach and hence limit any possibilities of growth in extra-curriculars. But how can one limit talent? It is something that needs to bloom and nurture, and deserves the right space to grow. This is where International Schooling comes up, shattering these limitations.

Imagine a school, where your talented children could participate in competitions with other children, from different parts of the world! Students now don’t need to worry about the audience, the world is ready to cheer and appreciate them for their unique skills! International Schooling is proud to be the first international online school to bring forth a global stage, credible and competitive enough, where students from across the world turn up, showcasing their skills and living their passions! Be it music, dance, art, speech, coding or even fashion, International Schooling has it all. This exposure would not only boost the confidence of your child, but also make them emotionally stronger.

We believe in the complete holistic development of the student, and encourage students to break free from their mental barriers. But the primary problem with the majority of students lies in the fact that they are unaware of what they are good at, and the field they are talented in! They are like birds, powerful, yet unaware of their potential to soar the heights of a beautiful life. Nurturing this potential, with the right attitude can help a child develop into his/her best which is the ultimate aim at International Schooling. We have the right expertise in helping students identify their hidden talents and in preparing them for the challenging tomorrow. Students at International Schooling, hence actively participate in their respective clubs including debating, singing, art and dance to name a few. They collectively engage, collaborate and execute intuitive activities and games, thus not only learning the art of communication, but also fostering their overall personality. Moreover, the students feel motivated to pursue and develop their passions as International Schooling makes sure that there is a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular activities.

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