Financial Help

Empowering learning through financial help and scholarships

Every child has his/her own set of capabilities, and no child should be deprived of good education for the paucity of finances. While registering students in homeschooling, we conduct a benchmarking exercise which calibrates the current learning and capabilities of the student. The performance of the student may qualify him/her for scholarships. This practice not only boosts the confidence of the student, but indeed provides motivation to perform better in future. Financial help for students in homeschooling is an important component in producing better educated and more sensible global students and citizens. There is no upper age limit for students wishing to register and they can apply for financial help as well. An evaluation exercise which could include a video interview will be conducted. The scholarship application can be made one month after admission. To apply for the scholarship, students in homeschooling need to write a 300-words essay specifying why a scholarship should be awarded to them.

To avail financial help a student can give reasons of financial incapability, academic merit or any other reason. A scholarship test may be conducted. The scholarship interview will consist of general questions and subject matter questions. We provide special encouragement to ‘Differently Abled’ candidates. So when they apply for a scholarship they will be on a separate track and be given special treatment.

For eligibility they will have to make an application and each case will be considered seriously. A number of students drop out of regular schooling due to lack of funds to support their studies. Not only does it have an impact on their careers, it also has a social loss for the society. Some of these bright individuals could eventually go on to become successful visionaries, if they are given the right financial impetus at the right time. At International Schooling, we believe in the talent and capability of every student. Regarding the same, we also provide scholarship tests that could translate into financial help in the form of fee reduction. International Schooling is strongly motivated to help the society with better educated and better informed individuals.

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