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Learning with Interactions

In this ever-changing world, it is important for individuals to identify and understand cultures across the world. Being in an academic setting with students from diverse cultures, our learners enjoy a multi-cultural exposure, which binds them to a society, built on mutual understanding and trust. 

A student community comprising of learners across 110+ countries, is a powerful stage to engage, learn and develop into culturally rich individuals.

Learners at International Schooling are connected with each other through a well-organized student community. This community gives our learners a great experience in terms of helping others, building strong characters and mental habits, as well as developing fruitful relationships amongst fellow learners, teachers, and other community members.

We believe that one can master hard skills in the classroom, but soft skills are developed by working with other members and by navigating through new situations. Communicating effectively with other volunteers and collaborating on group projects helps learners to develop a stronger personality.

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Powerful Student Community!

It was an arduous task bringing forth thousands of students across the world under one umbrella, but International Schooling, committed to its vision of empowering students, successfully built a Student Community for its dedicated learners. This community is run actively by the learners, under the expert guidance of our excellent fraternity, and is a powerful hub of inspiring ideas.

The ultimate aim of education is served once students start impacting people around them in a positive way. We make sure that our learners, before graduating from High School, have inculcated enough values, to sensitize towards the society and develop stronger morals and ethics. What our learners study outside their classrooms through our Student Community is indeed priceless!

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