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Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation is an integral component of quality control at International Schooling. As much as we need to develop internal processes for quality control, so do we need an external body to guide us. Accreditation ensures consistent and comprehensive progress on all facets including Academic Content, Quality of Delivery, Profile of Team, Quality of IT Infrastructure as well as the Quality of Internal Operations. International Schooling, as an organization, continuously innovates and improves to keep itself ahead of the latest trends.

built on global standards

Accreditation is the official and technical hallmark of total excellence. As International Schooling is an accredited online high school, it ensures that the vision, mission and policies of International Schooling are always aligned to move forward and better. To be accredited, International Schooling needs to consistently stay focused on operational as well as academic front. This is made possible by 360 degree feedback and inculcation mechanisms. Parents, Students, Institutions and Academicians contribute to the development of digital schooling at International Schooling. The students also contribute to preserve and enhance the brand equity of International Schooling as they perform on the professional and social platforms. A student earning an accredited high school diploma online with International Schooling will receive benefits as the regular visits, seminars and guidance of the accreditation experts helps us to maintain our global competitiveness and deliver the same to our students as well.There are a multitude of factors that contribute to accreditation. A good number of these factors are result driven. Having a huge library is one thing; ensuring that students read all the books with interest is another.  Having a great faculty is important; how that faculty contributes to the overall development of students is vital. Accreditation is not just about faring well on external scorecards. It is about raising every individual, stakeholder and institution to the next best level. 

International Schooling empowers and energizes its stakeholders to perform better every day. Doing better than yesterday is our mantra. While we work on improving upon our digital schooling solutions, we also work on our own and collective development. Such an inclusive development helps us to maintain ourselves ahead of expectations. It will obviously contribute to maintain our accreditation as well.

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