Sponsor a Child’s Education

Millions of children in every continent are deprived of the opportunity to complete their basic school education, only because of a lack of required financial resources. Most of us don’t have to look very far to find such children, who at a very small age, have no choice but to become earning-hands for their families. While most of us have earned the right to live good lives because of our perseverance and commitment to our academic or professional pursuits, there are so many who by virtue of their birth in underprivileged families aren’t able to afford this luxury. International Schooling Corporation has a dedicated initiative, ‘GIFT A FUTURE, CHANGE A LIFE’ to support such children. We are sure that when you contribute to someone’s future, it brings a smile to your own face and certainly a sense of satisfaction.

While we strive to do our best to support the education of such children through our digital schools, we know that our efforts would never be enough to help each and every child who we come across. However, with support and involvement of more and more people and organizations who resonate with our mission, we believe that we may be able to bring more children under our umbrella initiative and change their lives in a positive way forever. And it doesn’t take much. In our daily lives, we all spend money on things which we either consume sparingly or never use at all. How those small contributions from you and many more in our volunteer network could collectively make a profound impact, is actually marvelous and startling to notice. At ISC, all we ask you for is your kind attention to this small thought.

“For You It May Be Small Or Unimportant, For Someone It May Create A Major Difference”.
To Make A Contribution To ISC's Initiative ‘GIFT A FUTURE, CHANGE A LIFE’,

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