Mathematics 1

In Mathematics 1, students begin to learn mathematics in a more formal way. They focus on rote counting to 120 and practice reading and writing these numbers. In addition to strengthening their addition and subtraction skills, they compare two-digit numbers using place values and the comparison symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to. Students measure lengths and use measurements to compare the lengths of multiple objects using nonstandard measuring and units. They strengthen their geometry skills by drawing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, and they explore fractions by dividing those shapes into halves and quarters. Students also organize, represent, and interpret data in pictures, tables, and charts. Additionally, they tell and write times in hours and half-hours. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.

Major concepts:

  • Numbers Everywhere
  • Use Objects to Add and Subtract
  • Double Digits
  • Geometry
  • Number Relationships
  • Halfway to 100
  • Telling Time
  • Building Bigger Numbers
  • Interpreting Data & Pictures
  • Measurement
  • Large Numbers & Comparing

Grade Level

  Grade 1







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