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The Elementary Introductory to Computer Science courses will enable students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The courses will expose students, within developmentally appropriate stages, to concepts such as problem solving and algorithms, security/privacy/copyright, computer programming basics and keyboarding skills. Students will learn block-based coding in offline environments in kindergarten through 2nd grade and will build upon those skills in online coding environments in grades 2–5. In addition to the computer skills, the Computer Science suite integrates standards from Health and Language Arts with topics in each grade about safety and health (online and offline), bullying/cyberbullying, and being a responsible citizen/digital citizen. The upper grades will complete research focused on adaptive technology, social media and/or robotics. The research will require students to evaluate reliable and relevant websites, organize data, receive and implement feedback and produce a digital artifact.


  • 01.00 Tech Smart Module One Pretest
  • 01.01 Missing Rules
  • 01.02 Technology Helps
  • 01.03 A Coding Safari
  • 01.04 Computer Nation
  • 01.05 The Codi Desert
  • 01.06 Tech Smart Module One Review And Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 01.07 Tech Smart Module One Assessment
  • 02.00 Digital Dilemmas Module Two Pretest
  • 02.01 Is Your Computer Frozen?
  • 02.02 Safari Adventure
  • 02.03 Getting Loopy
  • 02.04 Digital Dilemmas Module Two Review And Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 02.05 Digital Dilemmas Module Two Assessment
  • 03.00 Keys To Success Module Three Pretest
  • 03.01 Rock It, Rocket
  • 03.02 Under The Big Tent
  • 03.03 The Key To Keywords And Searches
  • 03.04 How do you search?
  • 03.05 The Winter Kingdom
  • 03.06 Keys To Success Module Three Review And Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 03.07 Keys To Success Module Three Assessment
  • 04.00 Project Pathway Module Four Pretest
  • 04.01 Project Pathway
  • 04.02 Dive Into The World Of Media
  • 04.03 Run With Marco
  • 04.04 Data, Data, Everywhere
  • 04.05 Put It All Together
  • 04.06 Project Pathway Module Four Review And Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 04.07 Project Pathway Module Four Assessment

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Grade 2







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