Language Arts - 2


The Elementary English Language Arts Grade Two course provides students with foundational reading and writing skills, reading comprehension strategies, writing composition and grammar skills, and speaking and listening skills. Students will learn how to use a combination of short and long vowel sounds, r-control vowels, and other vowel combinations in conjunction with consonant digraphs, blends, and endings to decode and encode words when reading and writing. Students will also learn how to use reading comprehension strategies to analyze and find text evidence in literature and informative texts. Students will be taught grammar skills, such as collective and irregular nouns, irregular verbs, subject and predicate, and adverbs, which they will incorporate when writing. Students will participate in planning, writing, editing, revising, and publishing informative, narrative, and opinion writing compositions throughout the course.


  • Consonant blends with a short vowel
  • Long vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Silent letters
  • Compound words
  • Asking and answering questions in a text
  • Character’s response to events
  • Rhyme, rhythm, and beat in a literature text
  • Central message and key details
  • Making connections
  • Identifying the main topic and key details
  • Using context clues to determine unknown words in text
  • Story structure
  • Point of view
  • Author’s purpose
  • Text features
  • Images add meaning to text
  • Identifying adjectives, rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, and beat in a literature
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Reading grade-level sight words
  • Reading grade-level texts for accuracy, rate, fluency, and expression
  • Using context clues
  • Nouns: singular, plural, collective, and irregular plural
  • Pronouns
  • Irregular verbs
  • Subject and predicate
  • Complete and incomplete sentences
  • Types of sentences
  • Using a dictionary
  • Using a glossary
  • Capitalization: holidays, products, and geographic names
  • Verb tense: past, present, and future tense
  • Comparative adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Compound sentences
  • Contractions
  • Informative, narrative, or opinion writing on a topic
  • Writing Process
  • Long vowel sounds
  • Diphthongs
  • Schwa sound
  • Words with irregular sounds
  • Sounds in blends
  • Triple clusters
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Identifying central message and key details
  • Recounting details in a story
  • Story elements
  • Main topic and key details
  • Re-reading to find information in a text
  • Identifying rhythm and rhyme in a literature text
  • Author’s point
  • Character reactions and responses in a literature text
  • Cause and effect in a literature text
  • Alliteration
  • Shades of meaning
  • Possessive nouns
  • Researching and writing on a given topic
  • Using commas correctly when writing
  • Parts of a letter
  • Root words and suffixes
  • Adding adjectives and adverbs to writing
  • Using formal and informal language

Grade Level

Grade 2




Students will need the following materials: printer, cell phone or scanner, pencils, scissors, notebook, erasers, crayons, glue, tape, handwriting paper, printer paper, colored paper, and other household items.



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