Technology - K


The Computer Science Grade Kindergarten course will enable students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The course will expose students to concepts such as problem solving, algorithms, and basic computer skills. In addition, students will learn about being good digital citizens.


  • Communication and sharing information and technologies that assist with these
  • The concept of the internet
  • The history of computers and other inventions
  • Parts of a computer such as the keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, and headphones
  • Taking proper care of devices and safety considerations
  • How technology allows us to complete tasks easier and faster
  • How to create and revise digital artifacts
  • How computers are used in workplaces to help perform work
  • Keywords and how to use them in a search engine
  • The parts of an email: greeting, body, and closing
  • Understand what private information is and how to keep that information safe
  • Determine safe and unsafe communications and activities online
  • Understand that bullying can take place offline and online
  • Recognize the importance of balancing time between on-screen and off-screen activities
  • Understand what it means to be a good citizen online and offline
  • Find problems and determine the steps to the best solution
  • Explain what a simple task is
  • Explain the importance of steps being detailed and in order
  • Identify and create a simple algorithm without technology
  • Define “computer program”
  • Explain what it means when a program is running
  • Understand the job of a computer programmer

Grade Level

Grade K




Students will need the following materials: printer, cell phone or scanner, notebook, pencils, erasers, scissors, crayons, glue, and printer paper.



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