What I Love About My Child’s Homeschooling Program

homeschooling program

Deciding to homeschool my child was a tough decision that had many nay-sayers on the sideline. I am glad that they were proven wrong and the process has been a complete success. She is a happy child and we could not have asked for a better schooling program than International Schooling.

  • Our daughter wants to be a dancer when she grows up. She is quite committed to her passion and spends hours in the dance studio. Most days she has practiced during conventional school hours. Earlier she used to miss one of the two and was miserable. Now, she dances with her troupe every morning and attends her classes every evening.

  • As academics were not her strong point, my child was often the butt of jokes and was bullied in school. Today she works at her own pace and is a happy trouper.

  • There were a few subjects that she was not happy about and fared very badly at. In the homeschooling program, she has chosen a course more suited to her academic level and choice and is happy in her choice.

  • There were some teachers who struck terror in my child’s heart. Now she does not have to face their acidic remarks. She has very responsive teachers who are easily accessible by mail or message and guide her well.

  • The most important change that I see in her is the confidence that she has gained. The joy of not being a part of the relentless competition is no longer a driving force in her life. She works at her own pace and the pressure of competing in the classroom is not her fear anymore.

International Schooling’s homeschooling program has made my child happier and more confident. It also gave us a lot more quality time to spend with her and we love helping her with school time.

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