Career Research & Decision Making


Thinking ahead to your future career is exciting! In this course, you will participate in several self-assessment activities to help you become more aware of your unique interests, values, and skills. You will explore careers that match your interests, decide what careers you are most interested in, and develop an understanding of the steps you would follow to obtain a job. You will learn the importance of goal setting and begin to set some short-term and long-term goals. You will also explore the influences of global trends, employment issues, cultural diversity, demographic shifts, and lifelong learning. This course provides middle school elective credit.


Who Am I?

  •  Who Am I? Introduction
  • Getting to Know Your Interests
  •  Getting to Know Your Values
  •  Getting to Know Your Skills
  •  Selecting a Lifestyle
  •  Putting it All Together

Where Am I Going?

  •  Where Am I Going? Introduction
  •  Why We Work
  • High Demand Careers
  •  Workplace Trends
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Career Resources
  •  Equality in the Workplace
  •  Where Am I Going? Discussion-Based Assessment
  •  Where Am I Going? Exam

How Do I Get There?

  • How Do I Get There? Introduction
  •  Decisions and Goals
  •  Grade Point Average
  •  Rounding Out Your Experiences
  •  My Plans for High School and Beyond
  •  How to Pay for Post-Secondary Education
  • Starting My Plan
  •  How Do I Get There? Exam

What Do I Need to Succeed?

  • What Do I Need to Succeed? Introduction
  • Skills for Workplace Success
  • Acing the Application
  • Résumé Readiness
  • Get Invited to the Interview
  • Body Language
  • What Do I Need to Succeed? Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Career Research and Decision-Making Final Exam

Fee Details

Progam Regular
Fee Component  Course Fee
Amount (USD)  $ 187.5
Description To be paid by the student at the time of Enrollment.

Grade Level

Grade 6,7,8







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