World History


Join Ali and Soo-jin, our modern time travelers, as they journey through history. Discover the connections between world events and eras, from the Roman Empire through the Industrial Revolution, and explore development in our modern world as well as the implications that historical events have on us today.


West Meets East Meets West

  • Monotheistic Religions
  • The Expansion of Islam
  • The Golden Age of Islam
  • The Byzantines
  • Byzantine Empire Achievement and Expansion
  • Collapse of an Empire

Medieval Europe and Japan

  • Medieval Hierarchy
  • Rulers and Robes
  • The Crusades
  • Medieval Arts and Literature
  • Guilds and a Changing Economy
  • Developing a National Identity
  • East Asia
  • Comparative History Eastern and Western

Great Empires

  • West African Kingdoms
  • Big Picture Africa
  • Early Mesoamerican Civilizations
  • Central and South American Legacies and Contributions
  • Comparing and Contrasting Early American Civilization

The Birth of New Ideas

  • Science and Rebirth
  • Italian City-States
  • Renaissance Humanities and Fine Arts
  • The Reformation and Counter-Reformation
  • Age of Discovery
  • Worlds Collide
  • Slavery

The Enlightenment and Revolutions

  • European Geography
  • Constitutional versus Absolute Monarchies
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • Modern Science
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

19th Century Changes

  • Independence and Reform
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Political and Economic Ideologies
  • Imperialism
  • Italian and German Unification
  • Modern Reform and Independence

The World at War and the Fires Between

  • Allies and Enemies World War I
  • Modern Warfare and it’s Legacy
  • Between the Fires
  • The Spark and Fire
  • Dropping the Atomic Bomb
  • Genocide
  • Impact of World War II

The Modern Era

  • The Roots of the Cold War
  • Modern China
  • Proxy Wars
  • The Iron Curtain Comes Down
  • New Nationalism
  • Globalization
  • Invisible Warfare


  • The Golden Age of Islam
  • Guilds and a Changing Economy
  • Big Picture Africa
  • Slavery
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Genocide
  • Globalization

Fee Details

Progam Regular  Honors 
Fee Component  Course Fee
Amount (USD)  $ 558  $ 583 
Description To be paid by the student at the time of Enrollment.

Grade Level

Grade 9, 10, 11, 12






Recommended for 10th grade.

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