English Language Arts 4- Grade 12


10 Months


Student Must Have Completed Grade 11



Course Summary

In English 4, students explore history's impact on modern texts. By focusing on elements like universal theme, author's purpose and perspective, and historic influence, students are able to see literary works as a whole and understand the deeper experiences that surround these texts. With a strong focus on writing, speaking, and presenting, students engage with their audience and explore elements of English that are highly applicable to both college and the workforce.


  Semester 1:

  • Reading Comprehension/Expository & Narrative Writing and Presentations


  • Analyzing the impact that perspective has on the audience’s perception of good and evil
  • Crafting a narrative outline from a secondary character’s perspective
  • Evaluating a text for its use of figurative language
  • Identifying the central idea of a text
  • Evaluating presentations for effectiveness
  • Revising and editing a presentation
  • Explaining how historic influences impact authors and their works
  • Assessing a narrative for historical influences

  Semester Two:

  • Poetry Analysis/Oration and Persuasion and Argumentative Writing


  • Creating a poem that’s influenced by modern events
  • Considering counterarguments and crafting a response
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