Pre-calculus is a full-year, high school course that is intended for the student who has successfully mastered the core algebraic and conceptual geometric concepts covered in the prerequisite courses: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The course primarily focuses on the skills and methods of analytic geometry and trigonometry while investigating further relationships in functions, probability, number theory, limits and the introduction of derivatives.

Major Concepts:

  • Relations and Functions
  • Quadratic Inequalities
  • Conjugates and polynomial Identities
  • Exponential and logarithmic function
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Circular functions and their graphs
  • Identities and functions of multiple angles
  • Inverse Trigonometric functions and polar coordinates
  • Quadratic equations
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences
  • Calculus
S.No.Program NameFee ComponentAmount (USD)Description
1Full TimeCourse Fee$ 400To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
2FlexCourse Fee$ 600To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
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Grade Level

  Grade 9 – 12







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