6 Reasons Why Homeschooling in Singapore is All About Fun

Young mother and child studying at home

Homeschooling in Singapore is all about fun, not only for the children but also for homeschooling mothers in Singapore. There’s no routine and there’s no rush. The learner decides when to study and he’s the master of his playtime. If you are still wondering if homeschooling is the right idea, here are some reasons to change your mind:

6 Reasons why homeschooling in Singapore is all about fun

No getting up early and making early breakfast

Homeschooling really takes away the morning rush. While other parents in the neighbourhood are running around the house to get their children ready for school, homeschooling mothers in Singapore can get up at their own time and have a nice warm shower before making breakfast. Late nights really do not matter anymore!

You decide the projects and get to make it exciting

In the conventional model, your child may not be interested in science at all but has to complete a science project that the school demands. With homeschooling in Singapore, you can skip such projects altogether. Make your child do the things he or she is actually interested in like painting a picture or building a historical Lego castle.

Study whatever you want and whenever you want

Your child doesn’t want to learn history? Switch to the subject that he/she wants to read. Have a family gathering in the evening? Sit with your child to study in the afternoon. Homeschooling in Singapore gives the learner freedom to decide his or her own schedule. Won’t you call this fun?

Learn the extras that are right for your child

Schools generally have a fixed set of extra-curricular activities. Your child may not be good at certain sports and spending an hour in football practice may be a total waste of time. Instead, you can utilise this period to make your child learn a foreign language which will really help in shaping his/her future.

Absolutely no pressure of homework

In homeschooling, the homework is not decided by the number of assignments your child completes. Homeschooling mothers in Singapore judge their child’s day’s work by the amount of effort the child puts in. Doesn’t matter if the child spent the whole evening learning through play, if they learned something, then it’s a job well done.

Lastly, you bond with your child more

As you spend most of your time at home. Your child gets closer to the family with homeschooling and also stays away from the negative impacts of traditional schools. They grow up under your care and the way you want them to. What else can a parent ask for!

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