The Advantages of Homeschooling in Malaysia: Freedom & Flexibility

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Nothing is fixed in homeschooling and that is what makes it so popular. More and more parents are opting out of traditional schools and enrolling their children in homeschooling. The concept gives you the much-needed family time, you get to take all the decisions and above all, the learner has the freedom to choose what he wants to learn. Homeschooling in Malaysia does not involve the typical approaches of conventional schools and hence, your child can learn in the best way possible.

How does homeschooling in Malaysia give you freedom? Let’s find out:

Freedom to start anytime

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is that a homeschool doesn’t have to start sharp at 8 AM. It can start any time you want. After the morning swim, post-lunch or even after the evening cartoons. Neither you or your child is bound by any timeline and all of you can sit down with your books at a time that suits you.

Freedom to have classes anywhere

No classrooms, no desks, no blackboard! Virtual homeschooling can be fun and flexible. It is set up in your own space and you can decorate your study space in whichever way you want. Paint the wall with fun colours or put up your favourite posters. Have designer cabinets and comfortable chairs. Anything goes!

And if for some reason you are not feeling like staying indoors, take your online school to the nearby park or sit by the bank of the lake in a tree’s shade. No one can restrict you in your rooms as long as you are getting the work done.

Freedom to choose your curriculum

Homeschooling in Malaysia and K 12 Online Schooling allows you to select whatever your child wants to study. He doesn’t like mathematics, give him history. She wants to be a scientist, exclude literature from her curriculum. Design a syllabus that will suit your child’s interest and do not force a subject on them just for the sake of it. Do schools allow such freedom? I think not!

And if your child is not into academics at all, plan your schooling and subjects to let the child pursue his interests. A musician will not require science and a painter does not need to know economics. Let them practice their preferred craft and excel in their field.

Freedom to have family time

Your child does not have to stay away from the family dinner just because of homework. Neither do you have to reschedule a birthday party for a school test the next day. With accredited online schooling, you can plan your day in your own terms and balance every aspect of life. Have your family time and never compromise again.

Change things according to your own preference. Plan in the way that suits your child. Homeschooling in Malaysia is all about freedom, the independence to learn. Do what works for your child and let them fly to new heights.

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