Mother’s Day – A Global Phenomenon

Mother's day

Mother’s day brings to mind an American festivity but in reality, there are many countries who celebrate their own versions of Mother’s day with great fervour and joy. Motherhood is revered across the world and especially in countries where the feminine is revered. Americans have been celebrating the special mother-child bond since over a century on the second Sunday of May. Other countries may mark the day on other dates.

Mother’s Day celebrations in France

Mother’s Day is celebrated with great joy in France on the fourth Sunday of May every year. It will fall on the 25th day of May 2018. 1950 saw this day made into a law in the guise of “fetes des meres”. The provision being that if the day coincides with Pentecost celebrations it is postponed by a week. The traditional festivities include good food and flowers and cards, very much in sync with its American version.

Celebrations in China

Mother-child bonds are celebrated in China in recent years with an increasingly large number of people joining in the fun. The extravaganza is relatively new but the trend is becoming very popular with each passing year. The day is synonymous with family ties being strengthened.

Celebrations in U.K

Mothering Sunday has been observed in the UK since as early as the 16th century as the last Sunday of Lent. Families spend time together and attend church together. The day was celebrated on the 15th of March this year.

Celebrations in Mexico

Mexico sets apart May 10th as Mother’s Day. The restaurants overflow and flower shops are fast sold out. The day is filled with music, food and gaiety as Mexicans observe the celebrations. Mothers are serenaded with songs in the morning and pampered through the day.

Mother’s Day in India 

The mother has always been worshipped in India. Traditional Indian scriptures revere the feminine and this has spilled over in the frenzy to mark this imported calendar day. Cards are bought and flowers sent by the bunch on this second Sunday of May. Many take the opportunity to grab precious family time.

There are so many more countries that celebrate this special day in their own way. Egypt, Japan, Russia and Thailand being a few that need a special mention. I like to say that every day is mother’s day, but it’s nice to be special for a day!

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