Why Choose Homeschooling in Singapore For Your Child? 4 Reasons From Concerned Parents

homeschooling in singapore

Everybody does it” or “People are talking about it” are not good enough reasons for pulling your child out from regular schools and enrolling him/her into homeschooling in Singapore. The choice is by no means easy. Virtual homeschooling brings along all the norms of traditional schooling and irrespective of its long list of advantages, you must have a clear answer as to why you want to homeschool your child? How can the child benefit from it and what are your expectations?

Those who have already opted for homeschooling in Singapore have these answers clear. They stepped into this world fully knowing what they were doing and proudly state that they have no complaints. 

Here, you will find 4 such unique reasons why these parents opted for homeschooling in Singapore and share their concerns about the traditional schooling world. Read through to have your apprehensions answered and make a clear decision later.

Parent 1: “Public schools can never teach what I make my child learn.”

Sue was expressing how she formed a clear opinion about homeschooling in Singapore. She said, “Public schools have the same curriculum for all learners. I am not blaming them but they are bound by the system. What they teach are regulated by their authorities and education is only as good as their teachers.”

Her daughter wants to learn Mandarin. With homeschooling, she has the option to choose the language as a subject and the learning resources are not limited to one teacher. “There are videos, apps, eBooks and much more. I did not see the point to dump irrelevant subjects on my daughter just because the system asks us to”, said Sue.

Parent 2: “My junior can grow up without bullying. It’s really a relief.”

How many of you out there share this same concern? Irrespective of where you live, bullying is a part of parcel of school life. And now with kids having access to social media, matters are worse. Nathan said, “I did want Ricky to go through what I faced in school. When he came of age to start schooling, I had no doubts about teaching him at home.”

It’s emotionally stressful and taxing for a child to deal with bullying. In the words of Nathan, “Homeschooling in Singapore lets me protect my child from the consequences. Schools may have rules, but can they really apply them?”. Protecting your children is your right as a parent, and virtual homeschooling is the perfect alternative. Your child remains under your care and can learn stress-free.

Parent 3: “Helena is gifted and public schools cannot teach her right.”

Catherine and her husband noticed that their daughter learned faster than other kids. “Helena read a lot as a child and we knew she was gifted. We did enrol her in a private school because that’s what responsible parents would do, but soon we found out how wrong we were. She started complaining about going to school just because she had already completed reading the chapter that was about to be taught and it is then that we decided to homeschool her.”

Now, Helena learns at her own pace and whatever she wants to. Catherine accepts that virtual homeschooling gives her daughter the freedom to diversify her curriculum and learn from different sources. “Taking my daughter out of the regular school’s routine brought out her true potential. She can now be whatever she wants to. No stereotypes, no pressure and no timeline.”

Parent 4: “My son is dyslexic and the individual programs of public schools didn’t help.”

“Special needs children always finish last in the schooling system. They do have counsellors and teachers allotted to individual students, but I always heard that they are understaffed when I went to meet the authorities. That is when I decided to pull my son out of the public school and started teaching him at home. He performs like a star now.” stated Abdul with a smile.

You are the teacher of your child at home. You understand your child’s difficulty and give them their time. There’s no rush to complete assignments or prepare for that weekly exam. You set the routine and you keep the patience. “Ali is more confident now than he was at school. Earlier he was scared at the mere mention of school. However, now he enjoys studying and is doing well in his homeschool.”, added Rahim.

Find out your reason to homeschool

Be the parent who made the right choice, understand your child’s learning needs and let your child learn in a way he/she is supposed to. There are hundreds of reasons to homeschool, what’s yours?

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