5 Homeschoolers Who Reached The Pinnacle Of Success

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Only those who haven’t experienced homeschooling in real life will try their best to convince you against it. You will always find someone saying that homeschoolers cannot make it big or they do not receive a proper education. But there are success stories out there which will put all these rumours to rest. These people have not only made it big but also reached the utmost pinnacle of success. They are:

  • Dakota Fanning

Who opted for homeschooling during her childhood to keep up with her acting schedule. She later enrolled in the New York University to continue her education but her acting career had already taken off. Currently, we all know the sensation she is in her field.

  • Whoopi Goldberg

Another actress who was homeschooled for education and has won every award there is to win. An Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony and even a Grammy. She also holds a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame and all these without studying at a public school.

  • The Williams sisters

Both Venus and Serena have been homeschooled by the decision of their father to keep their tennis dreams alive. They never fell short of their education and currently hold a record number of Grand Slams. That is indeed called making it big!

  • Condoleezza Rice

And just when you were thinking that homeschoolers just made their mark in entertainment and sports, here is the example of Condoleezza Rice. The former U.S. Secretary of State had been voted the most powerful woman in the world twice and excelled in every professional field she ever joined. This story should not leave any more doubts regarding homeschooling

  • Taylor Swift

Believe it or not but this Grammy winner has also received homeschooling and she is quite proud of the fact. Describing her homeschooling years, she says that those were indeed her best days and studying at home gave her the education she wanted.

So, move past all the negative thinkers and trust your instincts. Your children can only move forward with homeschooling and they will.

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