These People Made it Big! And yes, They Were Homeschooled

Homeschooling myths

You may have heard these common international homeschooling myths – Homeschoolers do not find success. They do not learn enough or lag behind in social skills.

It’s time that we put all these to rest and meet some homeschoolers who have made it big, even bigger than you can imagine. They have reached a peak in their careers and their names have travelled far and wide.

Here are some international homeschooling success stories that you can’t afford to miss:

1. Abraham Lincoln

The greatest President that the United States or the world has ever seen. He had attended regular school only for 18 months and was majorly homeschooled by his stepmother Sarah Bush Johnston.

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Another successful President who needs no introduction. We all may have heard that President Roosevelt went to Harvard, but few of us know that he was homeschooled before that.

3. Thomas Alva Edison

When his teachers gave up on Edison, his mother saw no point in sending him to school. After being homeschooled, we all know what all this famed scientist did. Famously known as the inventor of the light bulb, he also designed the phonograph, stock ticker and literally spread electricity.

4. Serena and Venus Williams

How many titles have these sisters won? Their father did not want the schooling system to come between them and their tennis dreams. They received extensive homeschooling and are now almost unbeatable in the sport.

5. Condoleeza Rice

She received international homeschooling until she was 10 and went on to become the National Security Advisor of the United States. Voted “Most Powerful Woman in the World” twice, Dr Rice sure did make it big.

Then there’s Albert Einstein, C.S. Lewis, Erwin Schrodinger, Whoopi Goldberg and so on. Every person on this list learned what they wanted to, got schooled by the best and touched success like no other. It’s time we removed all your doubts about international homeschooling and let our children join this list of successful homeschoolers.

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