Homeschooling and Work Cannot Go Along! These Parents Say Otherwise

Working parents and homeschooling

Everything you hear isn’t always true. You will always hear that if you decide to homeschool your children, sacrificing your career is a must and being a mom makes you the default choice. These parents, however, didn’t agree to follow the myth and continued to work on their career while virtual homeschooling their children. The question is how and we asked them exactly that.

Elena: “Divide the task with your spouse. The decision is mutual after all.”

She takes care of the science subjects while her husband looks after the others. They schedule their work-life accordingly and nobody has to sacrifice their career. Elena says, “Of course there are a few sacrifices but it doesn’t have to be your job. He comes back from work and takes over while I teach our daughter in the morning.” Elena is successfully virtual homeschooling for 2 years now.

Katherine: “Accept the fact that you can’t always be your child’s tutor. You need help.”

When she goes out to fulfil her responsibilities as a marketing executive, she leaves her son with a private tutor or a sitter. “I do take my time to design Nathan’s study curriculum but I have come to this acceptance that I shouldn’t always be his tutor.” Katherine also suggests to look out for virtual homeschooling co-ops where you can leave your children to learn while you go out to make a living. A few months back she enrolled her son in international schooling program and she is very happy with the outcome.

Selena: “Use technology for both homeschooling and your career. It works for me.”

She has her home office right next to her kid’s desk. While she works on her laptop, she sets up an online video for him to watch. “He learns and I work. I teach when I am free and squeeze in emails during the TV break or ride to the museum. It’s about fitting in your work and making some adjustments.”

So, do you still think you will have to sacrifice your job? Or break the norm and create a win-win situation? Decide now and get to work.

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