Homeschooling Kinesthetic Learners: How You Must Adapt

kinesthetic learners

Students who learn through body movements and physical activities fall into the category of kinesthetic learners. Just like visual and auditory ones, kinesthetic children are also common but somehow, they don’t fit in. As parents, we often fail to identify this trait in our kids and hand them the wrong learning tools. We must understand that no two children can learn in the same way and we must adapt according to their individual needs.

How do I identify if my child is kinesthetic or not?

Simple! You cannot chain them to their desk and they are always on the move experimenting with objects. Your child will prefer to act a scene out rather than reading it or sing out poetry that he had read. The child will be prone to physical activities, will often want to go out and show little interest in books and notes. If you see these traits in your child, it’s time to change your methods of teaching.

How do I adjust?

The first step as a parent is acceptance. You need to accept that your child learns differently and if you can create that situation, he will retain the lessons. Include activities in subjects and let the child express himself through physical movements. You can try the following:

  • Learn history by actually visiting the place. If it’s a monument, plan a tour there. If it’s prehistoric, visit the museum.
  • Encourage the child to build models. The child will learn more about the solar system if he builds one with 10 balls.
  • Teaching math to a kinesthetic learners can be tricky but there’s a way as well. Let them work on math problems outdoors. Let them sort the finances when you are shopping or eating at a restaurant.

And most importantly, enroll them in an activity that requires physical movement. Dance, sports, swimming, anything. Classrooms are just not meant for kinesthetic learners. With virtual homeschooling, you always have this freedom to adapt. Good luck!

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