Understanding The Learning Style Of The Homeschooler

New learning style in Homeschooling

Every student has his own learning style and approach towards it . Some would like to spend hours in library to understand certain concept, while others would like to perform a practical experiment to learn about the important aspects of the same, there are also those who are more interested in visual learning approach, and then there are some who only like to learn it through the traditional way of teaching.

It’s important for parents to identify the most suitable learning approach for their child to ensure higher productivity and results. Here are some tips which would help the homeschooling parents to understand which learning style is suitable for their child:

  • Let them present their own topics occasionally:

The most interesting and efficient way to understand the preferred learning approach of the child is to let them present their preferred topics. To present the topics the children will opt for the methods that they feel most comfortable with. Through this approach, parents will get a fair idea about the way or the approach that the student wants to be taught with.

  • Be flexible

The next thing that the parents need to understand is that the learning process needs to be flexible and a rigid standard approach cannot be laid down for all the subjects. They will have to identify the most interesting and suitable approach in relation to every concept or session they deliver to the child.

  • Adapt to the needs

It’s important for the parents to understand that at times learning cannot be defined, contained or fitted into specific bounds of curriculum-based activities. They may have to continuously change the learning methodology as per the comfort and requirements of the student. For e.g. to practice mathematics a standard or copybook approach to solving multiple numerical will be needed while for a science session an interactive media presentation will be the best alternative.

Identifying the learning approach most suitable for your homeschooler will not only help in increasing the efficiency of the process but will also ensure that interest, motivation and focus of the child is always high.

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