Bully-Proof Your Kids With Homeschooling

student tortured by other students in school

Bullying incidents are becoming more and more frequent these days. Stats show that 28% of the children aged 12-18 are reported being bullied in the school years. Wondering if your kids are being bullied?

Here are some common symptoms which indicate that a child is being bullied at school:
  • They make excuses to take leave from school. They report headaches, stomach aches or say they are feeling ill but there is no medical reason.
  • They face problems in sleeping and have nightmares.
  • They show little interest in playing and hanging out with children and avoid social situations.
  • Their grades decline.
  • They start eating less and get irritated very often.
And there are many short-term as well as long-term effects of bullying on the child. Some of them are:
  • 1 out of 10 children drops out of school because of bullying.
  • Bullying affects the child mentally and makes it difficult to retain information, which causes a decline in the child’s performance.
  • Bullying makes it difficult for the child to trust people. The child may face major trust issues in interpersonal relationships later in life.
  • Bullying often leads to depression.

According to a survey, 65% of the bullied students say that bullying damaged their self-confidence, 36% had difficulty making new friends, 27% say that it affected their mental health, 16% have found it difficult to trust the adults in authority etc. and there were some who could not even tell or they didn’t want to talk about the bullying incident they had faced.

It has been found that even after reporting bullying incidents the school authorities are often inept in taking effective measures. Any action against the bully, hardly stops the bullying, instead, the bully becomes more conscious and is more careful with his bullying techniques. In order to save a suffering child from such volatile environment many parents these days are taking up virtual homeschooling option and are successfully saving their children from the monster of bullying spreading its tentacles in their child’s life and learning.

Apart from preventing bullying there are many other benefits of homeschooling, such as one-to-one teacher-student ratio, focus on gaining education instead of grades, a strong parent-child bond and the child develops into a more independent individual.

You have to bring the child home and take the path of homeschooling but you need to know that how homeschooling helps your child and the answer lies in the fact that after getting the child away from a hostile bullying prone environment you are the primary voice in his/her life.

Here are some keys to home-grow confidence in children recovering from bullying:
  • Transform your home as a safe place where encouraging words boost the child’s confidence every day. Avoid criticism as well as negative words and thoughts and boost your child with happiness and relief.
  • Build a strong family bond; it will give the child a sense of belonging. Having a strong relationship with parents and siblings will make the peer’s opinion less significant and the child won’t assess his self-worth on the basis of a peer’s approval. Homeschooling helps to accomplish this, as the child spends more and more time with family thereby developing a strong bond.
  • Always encourage your child to learn new things and give positive feedback on his/her efforts this will play a big role in boosting the child’s confidence.

So, make a smart choice of homeschooling your child and don’t let them face the dread of bullying. Build your child’s confidence brick by brick in your own way, at your own pace and in your own space!

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