Say No to Bullying and Yes to Virtual Schooling

Front view of school friends bullying a crying boy in hallway of elementary school

Statistics show that nearly one-third of all school going students are bullied per year. Bullying is a common practice in a brick-and-mortar school. Field Trips, sports, and even during classes, many young students endure the gruesome sores of bullying.

How bullying affect young children?

Getting bullied destroys a child’s confidence. It cripples them from trusting another friend. In certain severe cases, it can lead to depression, isolation, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

How do we battle this?

How do we battle bullying? Amongst other options, a preferred one being taken up by many parents across the world is the option of -> Virtual Schooling. Homeschooling offers a safe learning environment to the students thereby unlocking their true potential. It also helps restore their lost confidence.

Moving beyond bullying and into Virtual Schooling:

  • No peer pressure – With Virtual Schooling, there is no peer pressure. Students can perform tasks in their own time by learning at their own pace. There is no need to race or compete against anyone.
  • High self-confidence – Learning from experienced educators without any distractions induced by fear of bullying can give your child a much-needed confidence boost. They start to believe in themselves again and enjoy the learning process in the healthy schooling environment offered by virtual schools like International Schooling.
  • Interact with a group of diverse individuals – Many homeschooling providers such as International Schooling help students join online clubs and discussion forums within their schooling network. The students in such groups share the same interests. This helps your child interact with a diverse group of individuals which contributes to their overall personality development.

In the End

Bullying can be a very traumatic experience for children, especially when they are at a tender age. It’s important for parents to always talk to their children and battle problems such as bullying. Say no to bullying, say yes to Virtual Schooling.

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