How to Survive Homeschooling as a Teenager

Secret rules about homeschooling teenager

The teenage years are a difficult time for parents as well as children. Regular schooling has sports and physical activity along with social connection built-in. Homeschooling may throw up many challenges that are not seen in the conventional system. It is a challenge that most parents are wary of undertaking. It is not the homeschooling that is scary but the teenage years!

Some challenges that parents face with their teenagers are common to both regular schools and homeschooling. Others are specific to homeschooling and can be tackled with a little patience and firmness.

  • Children often complain of boredom and repetitive learning experiences. This leads to unwillingness to the teenager to take up assignments and they may turn apathetic towards their work. This situation needs the parent and the teachers to be in sync. Feedback from the teenager and the parent needs to be considered by the teacher, who can then attempt to make some changes and make the classes more interesting.
  • Teenagers need physical activity. Being chained to a computer and little or no physical activity or sports may be detrimental for their physical and mental health. Parents should encourage the child to engage in local sporting clubs and associations.
  • A related worry is that the teenager misses the contact with peers and may get isolated and depressed. The sense of competition that provides an edge and a determination to succeed is missing. The parent can also enroll the child in extracurricular activities in neighborhood clubs and encourage interaction amongst neighbors and friends.

Small steps can mitigate challenges thrown up by the homeschooling of teenagers. All it is requires is a little patience and a little empathy, both from parents and from the teachers. Rest assured, if you choose a homeschooling program like International Schooling you’ll get the best in education and resources to help you sail through your homeschooling journey.

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