Homeschooling Activities For Teenagers

Amazing homeschool fun activities for all ages to enjoy

Handling teenagers even in a regular school is not an easy task by any measure. The general perception is that it turns even more so with Homeschooling. I as a parent of a homeschooled 15-year-old would beg to be different. Yes, my son has more energy than most adults, and has emotional swings, wants constant reassurance but has a compulsion to act contrary to all adult tenets. Sounds confusing?

Here are a few homeschooling activities to keep your teenager occupied, engaged and happy:

  • Choose a curriculum that interests the child. All subjects are not equally liked by a student. Take an informed decision and enrol your children in subjects of their choice. The first hurdle of maintaining an interest in academics is sorted.
  • The excess energy of an average teenager needs an outlet. Find sporting activities near your home that your child can attend. This exposes children to companions and gives them the sportsmanship spirit and the competitive edge that might get dulled at home.
  • As schooling timings are flexible assign some daily chores at home or in the garden, teaching the child that they have to be responsible and responsive. Gardening calms the teenager down and teaches him to be industrious.
  • It is a good idea to look for online chat rooms or forums that connect homeschoolers from across the fraternity. The child learns social and emotional maturity from these interactions.
  • My personal experience says that no friend who can be better than a book. Teach your child to enjoy reading. It will bridge many gaps and be an integral part of the child’s daily routine.
  • Last but not least involves the children in chores that keep them active. Ask them to walk the dog or wash the car. It not only provides exercise and some outdoor time but also helps in creating a sense of responsibility.

There are so many things you can incorporate into the teenager’s daily life that can go a long way in nurturing a balanced and responsible adult.

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