Accreditation: Why It Matters When Choosing an Online School

Accreditation Why It Matters When Choosing an Online School

Any organization or institution in the world needs some form of acceptability to prove its standard of quality, and that’s where “Accreditation” play its vital role! This article will take you through the well-curated aspects of Accreditation. Let’s begin!

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal, independent verification that a program or institution meets quality standards and is competent to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks. Conformity assessment tasks include testing, inspection, or certification. To simplify it when someone or something meets a specified standard, an organization will offer formal approval. 

In terms of homeschooling, accredited homeschool programs may make it easier for your kid to move to college or public school. An accredited online homeschool program has been accredited or certified by a third party. Homeschool programs are not required to be accredited however accreditation confirms that the school’s programme has been examined and approved by a third party. 

Accredited online schools follow a curriculum that is consistent with what the certifying organization feels should be delivered. There are several sorts of fully accredited online schools, each with its own set of strengths and capabilities. Accredited online high schools, in a nutshell, provide a flexible, convenient method to acquire a high school diploma from the comfort of your own home. 

Accredited online schools can significantly aid in the achievement of the following important characteristics.

  • Assessing if an institution adheres to standards of education.
  • Increasing enrolment through gaining the trust of students and parents.
  • Assisting businesses in determining the program’s authenticity and students’ expertise level. 
  • Accreditation fosters an excellent and secure culture.

So, now let’s just understand the process of accreditation.

Process of Accreditation

Accreditation Process and How Online Schools Get It

Online programmes are often accredited by the same organizations that evaluate on-campus programmes. Accrediting bodies set criteria for curriculum, student support services, and student and teacher expectations. If the accrediting organization for an institution does not show in one of these databases, the accreditation is most certainly fraudulent. 

Accredited online schools obtain accreditation through a method established by the specific agency. Schools voluntarily submit this procedure to accreditation agencies. In most cases, an school files for accreditation after examining the agency’s requirements and preparing for an audit. The accrediting organisation then formally analyses the school’s curriculum, determines if it fulfils its defined requirements, and offers the institution accreditation if those standards are reached. When undertaking an accreditation evaluation, analyses a school’s goal and purpose, academic programmes, and institutional resources.

 Advantages of Attending an Accredited Online School

There are many benefits of attending accredited online homeschool programs-

  • Assess if an institution is meeting the standards of education.
  • It aids in admission to a reputable institution or university. Many colleges and universities only accept students from accredited online homeschool programs. Improves enrollment rate by gaining parents’ and children’s trust.
  • Another advantage of attending an accredited online high school is that it provides a more objectively superior education. 
  • They provide a more rigorous curriculum and higher-quality lessons than non-accredited institutions.
  • Accredited homeschool programs offer financial aid. Many scholarships and awards are only accessible to recognised school students. 
  • Assist businesses in determining the program’s authenticity and students’ expertise level.
  • Allows graduates to sit for further certification exams.
  • Accredited online high schools increases the chances of placement in institutions and universities.
  • Establishes educational institutions’ self-improvement goals.

Here is data depicting the projected growth of online learning by 2026.

Source: Statista

Things to Look for When Researching accredited online Schools

There are many accredited homeschool programs and online schools so here is a little journal described to help you in your research in finding the best one!

Things to Look for When Researching accredited online Schools

Evaluate the accrediting body

There are numerous sorts of certifications, but regional accreditation is the most crucial for online high schools. This sort of certification indicates that the school has been determined to fulfil the stringent requirements set by organizations that are experts in the subject of establishing educational standards. Regionally accredited schools can provide students with credits that can be transferred to other regionally approved schools.

National accreditation is another sort of certification that online high schools may obtain. While not as commonly recognised as regional certification, this sort of accreditation indicates that the institution satisfies specific requirements specified by a national organisation. Credits earned at nationally authorised online high schools may not be transferrable to all colleges and universities, although they may be accepted at some.

The easiest approach to determine whether an online high school is completely accredited is to contact the institution directly. The finest certified online high schools will display their accreditations on their website. 

Discover more about the curriculum

People frequently pick accredited online colleges without knowing what they are. The curriculum is one of the most important elements to consider. Consider the programmes available at each school. Certain types of kids may be more suited to specific schools than others. Some institutions, for example, may offer more advanced placement classes, but others may have a more flexible timetable. In this instance, selecting the finest accredited online high school is also a question of personal taste. 

Examine the number of students who attend high school

A single way to determine whether an accredited online high school is the best is to look at the percentage of pupils who move on to college. Because college is such a crucial element of higher education, seeing more kids attend college and have successful jobs is a very encouraging indicator. This indicates that the recognised institution has a good college preparatory programme and that its pupils are well-prepared for the rigours of college coursework. 

Some important factors to look into

The finest accredited online high school is a question of personal taste and will be determined by the demands of the individual. When making a selection, consider the budget, desired academic offerings, and extracurricular interests. The cost of attendance is a significant deciding factor. Some online high schools may be more expensive than others. As a result, examine if the expense is justified based on the quality of education provided.

What to Expect with international schooling

Every student has a place in International Schooling. Every learner includes those who have been constrained and confined by various problems and limitations. We endeavor to put a smile on every learner’s face, and we feel that we are capable and lucky to be in a position to make a difference. Not everyone is so lucky, and with this good fortune comes immense duty, which we fulfil with conviction and zeal.

Children of school age are not strong or aware enough to understand the educational system in full. Globally, and in most situations, education institutions generate environments that are restrictive rather than supportive of all learners. We acknowledge these distinctions and treat such students like any other child at International Schooling. Minor disparities, such as not speaking the same language as other children in the same grade, might become a huge difficulty that impedes the learning process. We do not regard these concerns as obstacles. 

Children who wish to return to school are invited to do so with us. We greet them with open arms and cheerful faces, and our doors are always open for them!


The easiest strategy to choose an online high school is to investigate the curriculum of each school and ensure that it matches an individual’s personal needs. After you’ve narrowed down your options, read the evaluations from other students and parents to get a feel of the school’s culture and environment. In this digital era, online learning has become a boon! Furthermore, before making a final decision, consider the advice provided above. It is also worth noting that online high schools and classes are the way of the future of education. Considering issues such as recession and pandemics in play, this style of schooling is not only more convenient but also more economical. As a result, don’t be afraid to use this medium, but be sure to conduct extensive personal research before enrolling in a recognized high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is accreditation?
    Accreditation is a procedure that determines if educational programmes satisfy predefined quality requirements. Accreditation is not permanent; it must be renewed regularly to guarantee that the educational program’s quality is maintained.
  • What are the benefits of online school accreditation?
    It can help you get into a respected college or university. Many colleges and universities accept only students from accredited high schools. 
  • What are the advantages of online homeschooling?
    Homeschooling benefits include personalised attention, curriculum and schedule flexibility, and the potential to establish strong parent-child ties. Homeschooling also allows youngsters to delve deeply into their hobbies and passions. However, there are also disadvantages to homeschooling.
  • Is International Schooling a school that has been ‘ACCREDITED’?
    International Schooling is a recognized online institution. It has been certified by three of the world’s most prestigious accreditation organizations (COGNIA, CID, College Board), all of which are based in the United States.
  • What are the deadlines and dates for admission?
    International Schooling, as an online school, does not adhere to a typical academic schedule. As a result, admissions are available all year. At any time of the year, students can register and enroll in any grade or course.
  • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?
    The enrollment criterion is determined by the grade level in which you intend to enroll. We examine aspects such as age and prior educational qualification/academic level reached. The minimum age for enrollment in Elementary School (Kindergarten-Grade 5) is 5 years old, Middle School (Grades 6-8) is 11 years old, and High School (grades 9-12) is 13 years old.

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